Forms & Procedures

Maintaining Local Address

By Immigration Law, international students must keep the most current local address with ISS and the Registrar at all times. The local address must be where a student is currently residing, even if he or she has a PO Box or Campus Box. All address changes must be filed with ISS and the Registrar within 10 days of the move by completing a Change of Address Form.

Please Note: Failure to maintain a current local address with ISS and the Registrar is a violation of Immigration regulations, one that can cause a student to lose his or her Immigration status.

Reduced Courseload

Immigration law requires that international students be enrolled full-time in both the Fall and Spring Semesters. For undergraduates, the minimum courseload is 12 credits. For graduate students, the minimum courseload is 9 credits. However, some graduate programs may require more than 9 credits per semester.

In certain instances, Immigration regulations allow international students to drop below full-time a total of two semesters per academic program.

Graduate students who enroll in Thesis are not required to complete a Reduced Courseload Form. Although Thesis is generally 3 credits or less, it still fulfills the full-time status requirement.

The following are the only reasons a student may drop below full-time status:

  • The student is having difficulty with English language or reading requirements, has been placed in an improper course level, or is unfamiliar with English teaching methods. Generally, only first-semester students will fall under this category.
  • The student needs less than a full courseload to complete the degree program and plans to graduate at the end of the current semester.
  • The student has a medical reason for needing to be registered less than full-time. Medical documentation is required.

Before the Reduced Courseload can be approved, students must complete the following steps:

  1. The student takes the Reduced Courseload Form to his or her academic advisor. The advisor must check the appropriate reason for the drop below full-time and sign the appropriate section.
  2. The student brings the signed form to ISS. A Designated School Official will provide a second signature.
  3. The student goes to the Office of the Registrar and turns in the Reduced Courseload Form with his or her Registration or Drop/Add Form.

Important: If a student attempts to drop below full-time without completing this procedure, he or she will be out-of-status with Immigration.