International Student Housing

Widener maintains contact with several local private and commercial apartment and home rental agents. Although there are many housing options within a 10-block radius from the main campus in Chester, many of the accommodations suitable for student housing are farther from the University.

The majority of these are located on the main SEPTA bus routes in Delaware County. We strongly recommend that students who reside off campus (referred to as commuter students) arrive in the Widener area at least a week in advance of classes beginning in order to have sufficient time to select their off campus housing locations.

Prices range from $400 per month for "studio" apartments (suitable for one person or a married couple with no children), to $650 per month for an unfurnished two bedroom apartment with 2-4 renters, to $1,500 per month for furnished or partially furnished houses for up to 5 persons.

These prices do not include utilities, the costs for electricity, gas, water, telephone, and cable. Frequently, property owners require that renters purchase insurance on the property and contents of the rental property - called "Renters Insurance".

Most rental properties require a minimum of a one-year (12 month) signed lease or contract with an initial payment of the first and last month's rents as well as a specified amount for a security deposit. The security deposit is returned to the renter at the end of the lease if the accommodations are left in the same good condition in which they were when the lease was signed.

Short-term leases are available, but these usually are priced at a higher rate than the normal one year leases. Only persons who sign the lease are legally allowed to live in the rental property.

ISS acts in an advisory capacity with regard to off campus housing. We do not screen the properties, nor do we act as agents for students in this process. We make referrals to students looking for housing, and with the student's permission, provide verification of their status at Widener and/or their financial status to the rental agents.