Multicultural Student Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) is committed to fostering and enriching campus diversity by developing and implementing educational, cultural and social programs that will assist Widener University in the recruitment, orientation, retention and the graduation of multi-cultural and international students.

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs promotes cultural understanding, an accepting and inclusive climate for all students and seeks to cultivate within the Widener University community a respect for individual differences.

Mission and Vision

  • To improve the overall quality of life for all students, particularly students of color on campus by developing and implementing educational, cultural and social programs that will assist Widener University in recruiting, retaining and graduating multi-cultural and international students.
  • Committed to creative leadership that fosters and enriches campus diversity with a goal of promoting cultural understanding and positive relationships that support students’ success.
  • Seek to cultivate a climate within Widener University where everyone “values the humanity in each person regardless of specific individual differences.
  • Works in partnership with university schools, colleges and departments to conduct programs related to recruitment, orientation, retention and graduation in addition to academic, personal, professional and cultural development; to foster skills and strategies for being successful at Widener University.
  • Host events that share and educate the campus community regarding various traditions, customs and beliefs.
  • Assist in promoting an accepting and inclusive climate for all students.
  • Assist in fostering an appreciation for each of our unique human differences.

The Multicultural Student Affairs Office addresses issues relating to racial/ethnic, age, sexual, gender, physical disabilities, socio-economic status, political viewpoints, religious/spiritual and/or philosophical beliefs.

The Office for Multicultural Student Affairs is located in the Multicultural and International Student Services Office Suite located on the upper level of the University Center.


  • Diversity Planning, Implementation and/or Support of Events: In partnership with the schools, colleges and departments of Widener University that support the university’s commitment to diversity.
  • Student Volunteers/Interns: Recruit students that seek experience in program development, implementation and marketing; students will learn to work across cultural differences.
  • Referral Services: Refer students who need counseling, academic and career counseling to appropriate university departments.
  • Advising and Support of Multicultural Student Organizations: Assist students with leadership, making sound fiscal decisions, programs and activities and organizational operations.