Think Green

Widener's Think Green initiative provides you with tips to do more with less while conserving our precious environmental resources. On this site, you will find incredibly valuable (and free!) personal and professional development tools and links. We have information about recycling and ideas for sharing supplies and equipment. We also offer advice on how to review projects and workflow to improve quality and cut costs. Our goal is to help you improve all aspects of your life, be more efficient, and increase your environmental awareness and stewardship.


So much of what we do comes from the notion that life has to be fast-paced and exciting all the time. But do we really live when we are constantly going, going, going? Nature acts as a big reminder for us that things take time. We have to do what we can to preserve the world we live in, or we may not have it and its resources for long.


This site is a work in progress, so please bookmark us and check back often. We welcome your feedback and suggestions!