Group Fitness

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Zumba at the Wellness Center

Rita Sharma '13 works her fellow Widener students into a sweat during her Zumba class at the Wellness Center.

Widener Video

Climbing Wall

Climbing to the Top

RA Michelle Callaghan '13 brought her residents to the Wellness Center so they could try their hands at scaling Widener's 24-foot rock wall.

Join the excitement and participate in one of the many Wellness Center group fitness classes!

All classes are taught by certified instructors who will guide participants of all fitness levels through fun and challenging workouts!

To get started in any of our group fitness classes, please see the group fitness policies and procedures, which are also listed in each group fitness room. Finally, see our class descriptions to select the classes best for you!

Spring Group Fitness Schedule

Download our Group Fitness Schedule.

Class Descriptions

All participants of any group fitness class offered by the Wellness Center are to abide by all Wellness Center policies and procedures. group fitness participants are able to sign up for classes 15 minutes prior to class start time. All sign ups must be made in person, and individually at the Wellness Center front desk.

    • Pilates
      Learn the basic principles of Pilates including stretching, strengthening and lengthening of your muscles. Emphasis is placed on proper body alignment and form to help improve stabilization, coordination, flexibility and strength.
  • Salsa
    This dance class incorporates a little Latin flavor into easy-to-do choreography. Men and women are encouraged to give it a try! Couples are also invited to join. The environment is
    non-intimidating and perfect for beginners to experienced salsa dancers. Come join the fiesta!
  • Kickboxing
    Improve agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time and strength with this introduc-tory level kickboxing course. Participants will learn the fundamentals of punches and kicks while getting a great cardio and conditioning workout. Combining choreographed and drill style instruction, this class will tone the whole body and teach practical kickboxing skills.
    • Spinning
      Spinning is a fun and intense workout that incorporates various types of cycling techniques. Group spinning is a great physical and mental workout that is appropriate for beginners and intermediate riders. Let our experienced and trained instructors lead and motivate you through a 60 minute ride.
    • Zumba
      This dance style aerobics class combines Latin-inspired rhythms along with pop music to create a fun and energizing workout for all fitness levels. The cardio based dance movements are easy to follow and provides a non- intimidating environment for the non- dancer, so ditch the workout and come join the party!
    • "EMOM" Body Weight Training
       "EMOM" or Every Minute on the Minute is a bodyweight conditioning class looking to improve both muscular strength and aerobic fitness. There will be a variety of stations consisting of different bodyweight exercises or aerobic conditioning drills. Each participant will approach each station with the goal of trying to do as many repetitions of the exercise with good form within that minute. At the conclusion of that exercise bout each participant will have a short recovery before going directly into the next drill. Each participant is encouraged to put forth as much effort as they wish. The goal of the class is to put forth a hard effort for the duration for thirty minutes; the intensity of that effort is controlled by the individual (breaks are allowed!!!) Just remember, what doesn't challenge us will not change us!
    • Yoga
      This class accommodates both the beginning yoga participant as well as the more experienced individual. Participants are introduced to a variety of postures and breathing techniques as they learn the basics of a safe and effective yoga workout.