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Policies & Procedures, Pride Recreation Center


  • Eligible participants include Widener University staff, students, administration, faculty, retirees, and spouses/domestic partners of full-time faculty, administrative and support staff. Guests, children, contractors and Widener alumni are not permitted to use the facility.
  • All members MUST present a valid Widener University ID at time of entry and sign-in at the front desk. Falsely using another individual’s ID to gain entry is strictly prohibited and may result in the loss of Pride Recreation Center access/privileges.


Proper workout attire and shoes must be worn at all times:

    • Closed toe, non-marking, rubber-soled, athletic shoes must be worn
    • Jeans, cut-offs and pants with belts are prohibited. Workout bottoms must be long enough to cover the entire buttocks
    • Full back shirts and/or tank tops must be worn and any text/logo on them should not be offensive in nature. Members are prohibited from wearing any piece of clothing that does not cover the entire back and/or stomach
    • No loose or dangling jewelry
    • During inclement weather, members must abide by the Two Shoe Policy and bring an additional pair of athletic shoes for use in the facility. A second pair of shoes protects against wear and tear of equipment and flooring from salt, dirt and other debris that may collect on footwear during harsh weather conditions.


        • Food, including chewing gum, is not permitted in any of the designated workout areas. Only water in closed, re-sealable, plastic containers (no glass) is permitted.

Equipment Use

          • All equipment must be used in the manner for which it was intended. Upon request, members have the opportunity to schedule a facility/equipment orientation with a staff member (we kindly request scheduling this appt. 24 hours in advance). Members must also adhere to all safety signs posted throughout the facility.
          • Banging or dropping of weights on the strength floor is strictly prohibited. All equipment including dumbbells, weight plates and accessories, must be re-racked and returned to their original location after each use.
          • Members are not permitted to bring and/or use personal workout equipment (attachments, weights, etc) on the cardio or strength training floors. Personal group exercise equipment, such as mats, yoga blocks, etc. must be approved by the instructor and/or a Director prior to use.
          • No Pride Recreation Center equipment is to leave the facility at any time. Pride Recreation Center staff reserves the right to search an individual’s bag for Pride Recreation Center property.
          • Members are required to wipe down all equipment used that comes in contact with the body (i.e. machine pads, handles) by using the provided paper towels and cleaning solution. All group exercise equipment should also be cleaned and returned to its original location after use.
          • A 30-minute time limit on cardio equipment during peak hours can be implemented at any time. Staff members will assist in alerting members when this time limit is enforced.
          • Participants may only use personal listening devices during their workouts; personal boom boxes and/or radios are not permitted. Pride Recreation Center staff will regulate the music played within the facility. Adapters for several treadmills are available for checkout in our student office with a valid Widener ID.


          • Abusive language and foul play are strictly prohibited. Please be courteous to all members and staff.
          • All belongings should be kept off the floor/equipment and placed in the storage cubbies located on the first and second floors of the Pride Recreation Center. Bags are also prohibited in the group fitness areas. Designated day lockers are provided in the Schwartz Center and are subject to Schwartz operating hours. All locks left overnight may be cut and all items removed. The Pride Recreation Center is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property. Members should see a staff member for applicable locker room codes.
          • All items placed in the lost and found will be discarded after 15 days.
          • Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, roller blades and roller skates are prohibited from use inside the facility. A designated bike rack is located outside at the entrance to the building.
          • Animals are not permitted in the Pride Recreation Center (except guide/aid animals).
          • Pride Recreation Center access closes 15 minutes prior to facility closing time. All activity areas close 10 minutes prior to the posted closure time.
          • Any piece of equipment that is broken or malfunctioning should be reported to a staff member immediately.
          • Members are not allowed to facilitate personal training sessions with other members and/or bring in external trainers to assist with workouts. Members and guests are also prohibited from providing nutritional products or other goods and services on the premises without prior approval from the Director/Assistant Director.


          • If for any reason you experience difficulty breathing, lightheadedness, acute pain, etc. while in the facility, notify a staff member immediately for assistance.

Pride Recreation Center rules and regulations are posted in each activity space.

Staff and Campus Safety reserve the right to remove any person who is not compliant with the posted policies.