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Climbing Wall, Pride Recreation Center

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Zumba at the Pride Recreation Center

Rita Sharma '13 works her fellow Widener students into a sweat during her Zumba class at the Pride Recreation Center.

Widener Video

Climbing Wall

Climbing to the Top

RA Michelle Callaghan '13 brought her residents to the Pride Recreation Center so they could try their hands at scaling Widener's 24-foot rock wall.

Experience the thrill of rock climbing on our 24-foot climbing wall. A wide range of climbs from beginner to advanced are possible. Climbers of all skill levels can challenge themselves, hone their skills, and keep in shape.

The climbing wall is supervised during specific climbing wall hours. In order to ensure the safety of our climbers, a short wait time may be experienced, depending upon wall activity. Patrons are able to boulder and top rope a variety of routes/problems. The climbing wall staff can assist climbers with any questions concerning routes or climbing movements. Certified staff will belay all participants; however, members have the option of completing a belay certification administered by Pride Recreation Center climbing wall staff.

Harnesses, carabiners, climbing shoes, and belay devices are available for all members to use. Please note that only closed toed athletic shoes and climbing shoes are permitted on the wall.

Rules & Regulations

  • Climbing is prohibited without supervision by a climbing wall employee during operational hours.
  • Climber/belayer teams must act in a respectable manner at all times and observe all policies and procedures.
  • Only climbing wall employees are allowed to set ropes and/or change out equipment.  This includes removing/adding (setting) holds to the wall.
  • Any patron wishing to belay another climber must complete and pass a belay certification test facilitated by a climbing wall manager. Certifications must be renewed semesterly.
  • Instructional classes are prohibited without the expressed consent of the Pride Recreation Center Director.
  • No sandals, open toed shoes, or open heeled shoes. Neither men nor women are permitted to climb without shirts.
  • No part of a boulderer’s body should pass above the line formed by the second row of metal quick draw hardware. Boulderers must always have a spotter and are encouraged to use the crash pad.
  • Patrons with injuries may be required to present a medical release approving them to climb prior to using the climbing wall (for example, broken bones, surgeries…)
  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol or any other drug will not be allowed to climb or belay.
  • Only Widener University provided grigris will be used as belay devices (no ATCs or outside devices).
  • All climbers must sign-in when entering the climbing wall area.
  • Top-rope climbers must be belayed at all times. Free and/or lead climbing is not permitted.
  • Climbing shoes will be provided when a valid Widener ID is presented.
  • Before descending from the wall, climbers must always face the wall and adhere to their belayer’s instruction.
  • Climbers should not touch or remove any metal hardware on the wall.
  • Never climb above or below another climber.
  • Verbal top-roping commands are required before and during climbing.
  • Climbers who would like to use their own harness and/or climbing shoes may do so only after equipment has been approved by a climbing wall manager.
  • No other outside gear is permitted.
  • Climbing wall equipment is prohibited from leaving the facility for personal use.
  • Climbing wall staff and/or Campus Safety reserve the right to remove any person who is not compliant with the posted policies.
  • Climbing wall hours are subject to change at any time (based on utilization).
  • Patrons are not permitted to climb during sponsored Rock Climbing physical education classes.