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Frequently Asked Questions

Are student health records confidential?

We take confidentiality seriously. All medical records, diagnostic tests, treatments, and information about you remain strictly confidential. We do not share information about you with your parents, classmates, employers, or professors without your authorization unless: you are in immediate danger of hurting yourself or somebody else, or a court of law requests your medical records through a subpoena.

Is there a charge to be seen by a health care provider at Student Health Services?

No. There is no fee to see a Widener University health care provider. Charges are only incurred when a student requires diagnostic labs, prescriptions, or specific healthcare treatments.

What type of payment options do I have when I incur bills at the Health Center?

There are two methods of payment: cash/check or direct billing to the student's account. We do not provide third party billing, but will provide ICD-10 coded invoices upon request.

Are appointments necessary?

Yes. Student Health Services staff make every attempt to see students in a timely fashion, according to their scheduled appointment times. If you arrive late for your appointment you may need to reschedule. It is advisable to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

Is the Student Health Office open on the weekend?

Student Health Services is open: Monday - Friday - 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If an urgent/emergency situation arises after those hours, call Campus Safety at 610-499-4200. A security officer will be dispatched to assist the student.

Can I call and speak with someone about health questions?

Yes! Widener University healthcare providers are available to speak with you regarding health related questions and concerns. If the healthcare providers are not able to take your call immediately, please provide your name, student ID number, telephone number and brief message. We will return your call as soon as possible.

Do you provide women's health care and men's health care?

Yes. Routine and diagnostic sexual health care examinations offered at Student Health Services include: pap smears, birth control, sexually transmitted infection (STI) screenings, emergency contraceptive pill, evaluations, and treatment.

What if I am sick and have no way to get from my dorm to the health center?

A resident student can call Student Health Services and a staff member will contact Campus Safety to arrange transport to the health center or emergency room.

What if I am sick and cannot attend classes?

As college students, it is your responsibility to contact your professor when you are ill and cannot attend classes. Contact information is provided in each class syllabus. Student Health Services will not provide excuse notes.

Can the secretarial staff dispense over-the-counter (OTC) medications?

Healthcare providers are the only members of the Student Health Services team that can dispense medication. We recommend that you bring your own OTC medications.

Are the Health History and Immunization Forms mandatory?

All full-time resident and commuter undergraduate and graduate students (PT, PSY.D, MSW) are required to complete a Health History Form and provide proof of immunizations. Students who fail to return these forms will not be permitted to register for and/or drop any classes.

Do I need a healthcare provider to complete the mandatory Health History/Immunization Form?

The Health History Form is a self-reporting tool. However, the Pre-matriculation section will require proof of immunization and an updated Tuberculosis screening. All immunizations that are mandated by the university can be received through Student Health Services.

Is it really necessary to get the Meningitis vaccine?

Yes. Widener University mandates that all incoming freshmen and transfers (under the age of 23) provide proof of having been vaccinated for meningitis. This policy includes both commuters and residents. The vaccine is available at Student Health Services.

Do you offer the Flu vaccine?

Yes. From late September and until supplies are depleted, we offer the Flu vaccine by appointment and during Flu Clinics.

Do you give allergy injections at the Student Health Center?

No. However, there are local institutions that can perform the allergy injections near Widener University. Asthma and Allergy Associates in Upland/Chester, PA is the closest location. Please call their office at 610-876-1249 to obtain information and determine what insurance they accept. Campus Safety is able to drop off and pick up at this location. Please call Campus Safety at 610-499-4200 to set this up.

Is showing proof of insurance an annual requirement?

Yes. All undergraduate and transfer students, as well as graduate students enrolled in the Master of Physical Therapy, Master of Social Work, PsyD, PsyD/JD, or Nursing programs are annually required to provide proof of health insurance (providing basic medical benefits) while enrolled at Widener University. Emails are sent to Campus Cruiser addresses in June with a full explanation of how to waive-out or opt-in using Web Advisor.