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As a major metropolitan university, Widener embraces a campus-wide single-stream recycling program. Widener aims to provide easy and convenient ways for students, staff, and faculty to recycle, making a positive impact on issues such as solid waste disposal, resource consumption, and environmental pollution on a broader scale.

Importance of Recycling

Most items can be recycled. From paper and plastic to cell phones and computers, all used material can be broken down and reused. This is so important in taking care of our environment and preserving our resources.

Reducing the amount of new material being made conserves energy and keeps our carbon footprint smaller. Recycling and repurposing materials leads to a drop in air and water pollution and also reduces the amount of litter that ends up in our streets, parks, lakes, and even our backyards. Recycle your used items and help maintain the natural beauty of our planet.

Where to Recycle on Campus

You can recycle all plastic (#1–7), glass, cardboard materials, and paper just about anywhere on campus. Every academic building has a recycling bin, as do all administrative buildings. Be sure to look for the bins labeled "Recycling." Each residence hall on Main Campus also has a recycling bin. Contact your residence assistant to find out where yours is located.

What to Recycle on Widener's Campus

Recycling at Widener University is co-mingled, meaning you can recycle any recyclable goods in any of the recycling bins located on campus. Recyclable materials include:

  • Cans
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic (#1–7)

To learn more or to find out if an item is a recyclable visit the U.S Environmental Protection Agency website.

Respecting the System

Although Widener's recycling system is co-mingled, this does not mean that it's acceptable to dump bags of various materials in the recycling bins. Please be cognizant of the contents that you are recycling, making sure that they fall into one of the categories above.

For example, if you get your lunch at Burger Studio, do not just throw the bag of trash in the recycling bin. Look through the items to be sure that they are all appropriate to the bin you are placing them in, or separate them accordingly. 

Off-Campus Recycling Efforts

As a member of the Chester community, Widener University has joined and continues to support Chester's efforts to improve the environment and beautify the area.