What is "commencement"?

Commencement is a graduation ceremony at which diplomas are conferred. See the events page for specifics about Widener's commencement ceremony on the Main Campus.

How do I know if I am eligible to graduate?

Work with your academic advisor and program director to ensure you have met all of the degree requirements. In addition, see the participation requirements page.

What is "regalia," and is it required for graduation?

Regalia refers to the formal attire worn during a graduation ceremony. This attire includes graduation gowns, caps, hoods, cords, stoles, and medallions. To participate in commencement at Widener, you must wear the proper regalia. See the regalia page for complete information.

Are parking passes needed?

Parking passes are not needed. Parking is on a first-come first-serve basis.

Do my guests need tickets? If so, where can I get these tickets?

Tickets are only needed for the undergraduate commencement (Saturday) if the ceremony moves to the Field House due to inclement weather. Those receiving their master's or doctorate degrees do not need tickets for the graduate commencement (Friday) if inclement weather occurs.

Because seating in the Field House is limited, each graduate will receive just three tickets. Additional guests can watch the ceremony in the air-conditioned Alumni Auditorium, Founders Hall, or the Gymnasium. Tickets are distributed with the caps and gowns. Please see the inclement weather page for complete information.

I have guests with special needs (disabilities). How can I accommodate their needs at the ceremony?

We have a special needs seating area at commencement to accommodate those with disabilities. We can also arrange for drop-off passes for those that require them. See the special needs page for information and to fill out a request form.

I didn't receive anything in the mail, so how can I obtain graduation information?

We are doing as much as possible online in order to contribute our share in protecting the environment. All information regarding graduation can be found on this commencement website. E-mail notices are sent to the entire Widener community advising everyone that www.widener.edu/commencement is the primary source for commencement information. The site is updated regularly, so check back often.

Do you have a question regarding graduation that is not covered on this site? Please e-mail commencement@widener.edu and we will get back to you soon with an answer.