Participation Requirements

To participate in commencement, all degree candidates must follow this graduation checklist:

  • Petition for graduation. You can petition to graduate online through CampusCruiser. Log in and click "WebAdvisor." There will be a section called "Academic Profile" under the left-hand column, where you will find a link to the petition. 
  • Submit the online RSVP form.  To participate in commencement, you must RSVP below.
    ♦ Undergraduate students who are receiving an associate's or bachelor's degree and want to participate in the commencement ceremony on May 21 must fill out the online undergraduate student RSVP form.
    ♦ Graduate students who are receiving a master's or doctoral degree and want to participate in the commencement ceremony on May 20 must fill out the online graduate student RSVP form.
  • Attend a commencement information session if at all possible. Commencement information sessions will be held in Kapelski Learning Center, Lecture Hall 1:
          ♦ April 27
          4:00 pm – Graduate students
          5:00 pm – Undergraduate students
          ♦ April 28
          4:30 pm – Undergraduate students
          6:00 pm – Graduate students
  • Complete degree requirements. Contact your adviser or program director to verify completion of degree requirements. The program director must notify the Registrar's Office of the approval for a student's graduation.
  • Satisfy all financial and library obligations. To ensure you are clear of all obligations, check "My Holds" in the "Communication" section of WebAdvisor on CampusCruiser, or call 610-499-4161. Degree candidates who have balances due at the Business Office or books due at the library must satisfy these obligations before they can receive diplomas.
  • Complete the loan exit interview. All students who borrowed a Federal Perkins or Federal Direct Student Loan while enrolled at Widener University must attend an exit counseling session to review their rights and responsibilities. Sessions will be offered in April at varying times and will last approximately 30 minutes. A specific schedule of dates and times will be sent to graduation candidates by e-mail.
  • Obtain cap and gown. To attend the commencement ceremony, graduates are required to wear the proper academic regalia.

In addition, full-time undergraduate day students must complete the exit interview survey, which will be e-mailed to them in April.