Legacy Graduates

Alumni are the heart of Widener University’s history, and what better way to recognize this than when descendants of Widener University alumni graduate each May and become a part of a special tradition at Widener.

Who is a WU legacy graduate?

A Widener University legacy is a student or alumnus/a who has a parent, grandparent, or sibling who graduated from Widener University. 

Who is considered a WU legacy alumnus/a?

Daughters, sons, granddaughters, grandsons, step-children, and step-grandchildren of graduates from Widener University, Pennsylvania Military College, Penn Morton College, Widener College, and/or Brandywine College. 

Join us in celebrating the graduation of last year’s WU legacy graduates:

2014 Graduating Legacy Students

  • Naomi Anderson daughter of Stanley Anderson '98, '05
  • Briannah Ball daughter of Valerie Smith '03
  • Joseph Breen III son of Suzanne Breen '79 Joseph Breen '78, '82, grandson of Joseph Breen '57
  • Kelly Buckley daughter of Patricia Buckley '81 & Robert Buckley '81
  • Elizabeth Carpino daughter of James Carpino '91L
  • Michael DeFusco son of Gregory DeFusco '86
  • James DeVita son of Gerard DeVita '84 & Marie DeVita '84
  • Kelly Froio daughter of Greagory Froio '84
  • Nicole Griffin daughter of Frank Griffin '89
  • Michael Howanski son of Raymond Howanski '88
  • Jeffery Keller son of Robert Keller '98,'01
  • Liam Kinsolving son of Joseph Kinsolving '76
  • Julie McLaughlin daughter of Edward McLaughlin '86
  • Joseph McMananmom-Simon son of Joshua Simon '88L
  • Kellie Medendorp daughter of Laurie Medendorp '86
  • Jennifer O'Neill daughter of Edward O'Neill '83
  • Catherine Rawlings daughter of Michael Rawlings '81, '93, and Julia Varano '80, '87L
  • Mark Semerad son of Gail Farally-Semerad '09,'11
  • Lindsey Shook daughter of Kathy Shook '89
  • Sean Simon son of Scott Simon '77
  • John Spinelli son of John Spinelli '69
  • Anthony Toscano son of Carlo Toscano '85

August 2014

  • Marlisa Beatty ’04 daughter of Susan Beatty ’05, ’08

Fall 2013

  • Andre Davis son of Marie Davis '04