Widener University Experts Guide

Please identify an expert you would like to speak to and contact the Office of Public Relations to arrange an interview. If you are unable to identify an expert from the list provided, or if you cannot find the topic you are looking for, we are happy to assist you.


Hot Topics

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Dr. Amy Franzini, associate professor and chair of communication studies Dr. Shana Maier, associate professor and director of the Master's in Criminal Justice Program Dr. Melanie Davis, co-president of the Sexuality and Aging Consortium at Widener University
Video Exclusive: Dr. Franzini talks about how to turn watching television with children into an opportunity for teachable moments. Impart life lessons while enjoying a show together. Dr. Shana Maier appears on "And Another Thing" with Larry Mendte to talk about California's new Yes Means Yes initiative. Other states are considering similar legislation. Sexual assault is a topic that Maier is well versed on as the author of the new book Rape, Victims and Investigations (Routledge 2014). Dr. Davis and other members of the Sexuality and Aging Consortium weigh in on the Henry Rayhons case making national news. The case touches on issues of sexual expression, consent and dementia.
Contact:  Allyson Roberts
Phone:   610-499-4244
Contact:  Allyson Roberts
Phone:    610-499-4244
Contact:  Allyson Roberts
Phone:    610-499-4244


Areas of Expertise

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Accounting & Taxation Healthcare
Arts & Humanities Hospitality Management
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Business & Industry International Relations
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Casinos & Gaming Labor & Employment
Communications & Media Law (Commonwealth Law School)
Computers & Technology Law (Delaware Law School)
Crime & Punishment Learning Disabilities
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Economics & Finance Marketing
Education Mathematics
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Families & Children Psychology & Mental Health
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Gender & Sexuality Science
Government & Politics Societal & Cultural Issues