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      Nursing Research Abroad

      Nursing Faculty and Alumni Present at International Research Congress

      nursing faculty

      Nursing Faculty

      Faculty members in the School of Nursing present research at international conference.

      Nearly 1,400 nurse researchers, students, clinicians, and leaders came together the last week of July to learn from evidence-based research presentations as part of the International Nursing Research Congress in Dublin, Ireland. Widener University was well represented at the 28th annual Sigma Theta Tau conference. More than a dozen faculty were able to attend from the School of Nursing, as well as faculty members from the Institute of Physical Therapy Education and Academic Affairs.

      "Widener University had the largest contingent of faculty," Dr. Laura Dzurec, dean of the School of Nursing, said. "It was incredible to be part of the experience with such dedicated and accomplished faculty members. The work our faculty are doing is cutting edge, and it's a privilege to share in their success."

      nursing faculty in dublin

      Nursing Faculty in Ireland

      Nursing faculty members attended the Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Research Congress.

      The objective of the congress was to promote the transformation of knowledge and practice to advance global healthcare and nursing. Faculty members were also able to exchange ideas on integrating technology into evidence-based practice and discuss strategies for working in interprofessional environments. Widener faculty members gave several presentations on these topics. Alumni also teamed up with faculty to present.

      Dzurec thought the congress was a rewarding and productive opportunity for faculty. "We are fortunate to be able to participate in the conversation on influencing healthcare at a global level by advancing nursing scholarship."

      School of Nursing faculty presentations included:

      • Mary Francis, assistant professor of nursing; Robert Wellmon, professor of physical therapy; Kristin Lefebvre, associate professor of physical therapy; and Ellen Erdman, director of clinical education: "Nursing and Physical Therapy Students Learning and Collaborating Together."
      • Laura Dzurec, dean of the School of Nursing; Barbara Patterson, professor of nursing; and Andrew Bobal, instructional technologist for the School of Nursing: "Personal Disposition and With-it-ness in the Nursing Classroom: Implications for the Science of Nursing Education."
      • Rose Schwartz, associate professor of nursing, and Geraldine Bloemker, associate provost for undergraduate academic affairs: "Shattered Assumptions: Examining Discrepant Perceptions of "Reasonable" Accommodations among Faculty and Student Nurses with Disabilities."
      • Laura Dzurec, dean of the School of Nursing: "'I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me': Concerning Why Workplace Bullying Bystanders Simply Stand By."
      • Nancy Laplante, associate professor of nursing: "The Impact of the Image of Nursing on Nurses' Perceptions of Self and the Profession."
      • Brenda Kucirka, assistant professor of nursing: "A Mindfulness-Based Approach to Student Selfcare."
      • Donna Callaghan, associate professor of nursing: "Promoting Healthy Behaviors in Nursing Students."
      • Darrell Spurlock, Jr., associate professor of nursing: "Measuring What Matters: A Multisite Study of Self-Reported and Objectively Measured Nursing EBP Knowledge" and "A Global Approach to Promoting EBP Knowledge: Validating the Translated Version of EKAN into Spanish."
      • Barbara Patterson, professor of nursing: "Nurse Faculty Leadership Academy: Sustainable Advancements in Nursing Education," "A Global Exploration of Leadership Competencies for Academic Nursing Educators," and "Personal and Professional Transition from Military to Civilian Nursing Practice."
      • Stephanie Jeffers, assistant professor of nursing: "A Patient's Last Breath: An Analysis of Hospice Clinical vs. Hospital Clinical Simulation Experiences."
      • Susan C. Mills, assistant professor of nursing; Pamela Williams, assistant professor of nursing; and Darrell Spurlock, Jr., associate professor of nursing: "The Relationship Among Standardized Test Results, Remediation Time, and Licensure Success."
      • Laura Dzurec, dean of the School of Nursing, and Barbara Patterson, professor of nursing: "Developing Novice Nurse Faculty: Finding an Authentic Leadership Voice."
      • Dawn Ferry, director for Center of Simulation and Computerized Testing; Robert Wellmon, professor of physical therapy; and Kristin Lefebvre, associate professor of physical therapy: "Attitude Change During an Interprofessional Simulation with Physical Therapy and Nursing Students."

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