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Graduate Degrees

The future of engineering will be about collaboration.

As the traditional boundaries between disciplines continue to dissolve, engineers must learn to adapt. Advances in technology keep presenting new and more complex challenges, and solving those problems require tomorrow's engineering leadersto deepen their technical knowledge while also drawing from multiple perspectives.

At Widener's School of Engineering, graduate students are exposed to those perspectives through specialized training from teachers who bring a wealth of industry experience — and research — to the classroom. Our diverse student body also comes from a variety of fields and work specializations.

Areas of Specialty

We offer master's degrees in the following core disciplines:

For students who wish to enhance their graduate education with study in other fields of inquiry, the School of Engineering offers a dual MEng/ MBA (Master of Engineering/ Master of Business Administration) degree. For engineers whose work touches upon environmental issues, programs in chemical engineering, civil engineering, and engineering management feature an option environmental engineering component.

Certificate programs, which blend theory and practice in land development and technology management, are also available.


All graduate programs are offered in the evening. Students can choose to complete the program full-time or while working. Most full time students complete their graduate degree within two calendar years. Part-time students move at the pace allowed by their personal obligations, career goals, and professional commitments.

Whether you are seeking career advancement, a change in focus, or enhancing your technical knowledge base, we can help you reach your goals. At Widener, we tailor a program to meet your individual needs.