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Graduate Program

In order to stay competitive in the marketplace, hospitality professionals must grow alongside the various industries in which they work.

Graduate education is increasingly becoming the standard for leaders in the business. At Widener, students are prepared for leadership roles in the global hospitality and tourism industry not only through applied research and professional development opportunities, but also through an emphasis on strategic management.

With ongoing relationships involving more than 40 corporations, our hospitality and tourism degree presents you with outstanding opportunities for success.

Rigorous Academics

Graduate study at Widener is well worth the cost— in time, effort, and resources. We are ranked among the top 20 in the United States by the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education.

You'll dive deep the moment you get here. You'll explore organizational management and leadership in your first semester, and you'll soon be taking courses organized around strategy.

The Widener School of Hospitality Management is committed to:

  • developing your intellectual capabilities and enhancing the marketability of your professional competencies;
  • providing academic experiences through appropriate research and coursework; and
  • encouraging you to take an active role in developing a plan of study suited to your own areas of interest and future career goals.

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

We tailor an individual program for you based upon your undergraduate major and work experience. Our part-time graduate program allows you to continue in your current position while completing your degree.  Most students graduate within two calendar years.

Diverse Classroom Experiences

At Widener, you will find domestic and international students from a wide range of diverse ages and backgrounds. If you are an international student, our program provides you with paid internship opportunities to enhance your educational experience.