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Meet other parents and get up-to-date information through the Widener Parents' Network Facebook page.


Widener University invites parents to see themselves as our partners in supporting their son or daughter’s educational experience. The Widener University Parents’ Network provides families with detailed information about all aspects of Widener University, with particular emphases placed on financial aid, campus safety, academic support services, involvement on campus, and service activities which support Widener’s civic mission.

Through the Parents’ Network, families also have the opportunity to raise questions or concerns to fellow parents as well as members of the university administration. Every parent is invited and encouraged to join The Widener University Parents’ Network.


There is no cost to join, and parents can attend an optional hour-long meeting once per semester. Families can also freely access up-to-date information and FAQs on the university’s website and social media outlets.

Widener believes that when parents have access to university news and the opportunity to have their questions answered, they will feel more informed and comfortable about their child’s initial transition into college and effectively support their son or daughter’s educational experience throughout his or her time at Widener.