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Professor's Prologue

Lisa Ling: A Story-teller with Purpose

Dwight DeWerth-Pallmeyer, PhD

by Dr. Dwight DeWerth-Pallmeyer, Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Director of the Communication Studies Program 

If you were to ask a young journalism student what reporting was all about, they might answer something like this:  “Journalism is telling an audience what is going on in the world.” Ask the student, “Why is that important?” and you’ll likely get the reply, “So that people are informed and can make good decisions.”

Such a response falls in line with the traditional objective journalistic structure of news, in which “both” sides of a story are fairly represented for the public. But that simplistic understanding of the news underscores many of the problems with the traditional news formula. Read more ...

Peeling Away the Many Layers of Jeannette Walls

Angela Corbo, PhD

by Dr. Angela Corbo, Assistant Professor of Communications Studies

Family interactions have the power to warm the heart or stir unresolved issues. We share some of life’s greatest,most devastating, and even mundane experiences with our family. If we are honest with ourselves, we may recall a “family drama” that left a crease on the heart or character-building scar on our flesh. Family communication is an integral component of developing the interdependent concepts of self and others. We learn how to make sense of our interpersonal relationships with one another in our formative years. Read more ...

The Role of the Retired President

by Martin Goldstein, Professor of Political Science 

Most of us contemplate, at one time or another, what we will do when we retire. Perhaps we will develop a new hobby or pursue an old one with renewed vigor. Or maybe we will decide to volunteer for worthy causes. Many of us will follow our professional calling, but at a reduced level. Another option  — enjoying unstructured leisure time — also sounds appealing. Read more ...