Leaders Training Course

The Leaders Training Course (LTC) is a 28-day, fully-funded introduction to Army leadership held at Fort Knox, Kentucky. The mission of the Leaders Training Course is to qualify and motivate prospective Cadets to enroll in the Army ROTC Advanced Course.

Students should contact the ROTC department late fall/early spring semester of their sophomore year to apply for a slot. Successful completion of the LTC will satisfy the ROTC Basic Course requirements (MS 100 through MS 200 level coursework).

Select qualified attendees can compete for full-tuition two-year scholarships by demonstrating superior leadership aptitude at LTC. Scholarship requirements are the same as any Army ROTC scholarship. Attendees may also be eligible for a $5,000 contracting bonus upon return to campus.

LTC is a lateral entry method designed for students with no former military experience. Veterans, current members of the Army Reserve or National Guard, or cadets/midshipmen transferring from sister service ROTC programs may enter directly into the Army ROTC Advanced Course, and are therefore not eligible for this introductory course.