Ranger Challenge

The ROTC Ranger Challenge program is designed for those students who wish to challenge themselves beyond the expectations set for average Cadets. The team competes against 17 other ROTC teams from various colleges and universities.

Students who participate in Ranger Challenge are willing to push themselves farther, harder, and faster than other cadets —   beyond "what they think they can handle."

The top three teams overall are awarded trophies. Any team winning an event is awarded a first place streamer for that event, which is prominently placed on that school's guidon flag.

Ranger Challenge Competition Events

All these events are completed in one very long day:


The team moves from point to point on foot and is responsible for determining the location and routes to these points. This is a timed event and points are awarded for speed.

Road March

The team must travel a distance of 10 kilometers (6.75 miles) with a full rucksack in the fastest time possible while remain together as a team. The team with the fastest team is awarded maximum points.

One Rope Bridge

Cadets use a single rope to construct a "bridge" to move themselves and their equipment to the other side of a creek. The team with the fastest time is awarded the most points.

Physical Fitness Test

The entire team is given the standard Army Physical Fitness Test. This test includes two minutes of push-ups, two minutes of sit-ups and a two-mile run.

Commander's Event

Designated by the Commander of the Ranger Challenge competition, it is kept a secret until the team moves forward to conduct the event. Scoring is dependent on the event.