Army ROTC scholarships pay up to full tuition and fees, $1,200/year for books and a monthly stipend. Widener University provides a generous room and board incentive to Army scholarship winners.

Four, three, and two-year scholarships are available to qualified students and are awarded solely on the basis of merit and demonstrated excellence. No test of financial need is applied. General application requirements include:

  • Strong academic credentials
  • A broad background in co-curricular and community support activities
  • A GPA of 2.5 (minimum)
  • A  SAT of 920 (CR+M) or ACT composite of 19 (minimums)

Satisfactory explanation of any record of arrest and/or civil conviction, and absence of any moral obligation or personal conviction that would prohibit conscientiously bearing arms and supporting the U.S. Constitution.
Applicants must also pass a Department of Defense Medical Examination (DoDMERB) and meet the standards of the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) within their first semester at college.

Submission Deadlines

  • High School Students: January 10th of senior year.
  • College Students: Semester prior to receiving benefits.
  • Military Personnel (Green to Gold): April 1/October 1.

On-line applications for 4-year and 3-year Advanced Designee Army ROTC scholarships are available through the Army ROTC website.

Campus-based applicants, see your MS Instructor or the Enrollment Officer.