Art Gallery

Art Gallery

The Widener University Art Collection and Gallery is a unique campus and community resource for students, staff, and the public.

Permanent Collection

American Art

Represented in the Widener University Collection and the Alfred O. Deshong Collection are paintings by American artists Edward Redfield, Robert Spencer, George L. Noyes, Lilly Martin Spencer, George Washington Nicholson, and others.

Asian Art

The Asian art in the Alfred O. Deshong Collection includes 55 bronzes, including Japanese Meiji period inlaid, carved, and patinated bronze vases from the Kiritsu Kosho Kaisha, as well as Japanese carved ivory figures, Chinese carved hardstone vessels, and Japanese and Chinese lacquerware.

European Art

European art in the Alfred O. Deshong Collection include paintings by Gaetano Chierici, Hy. Walker d'Acosta, Louis Emile Adan, George-Jules-Victor Clairin, and Adolf Luben, among others.

African Art

African art in the gallery includes ceramic vessels and masks from the West African countries of Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Republic of Benin, and Nigeria, donated to the university by Dr. David and Karina Rilling.

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