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Oskin Leadership Institute

Here, you will find the leadership development opportunities that will put you on the inside track to a successful career with greater responsibility and potential for advancement. 

Leadership Events

Courage Day

Courage Day Student Posting on Courage Wall

Do you have the courage to stand up for what is right? The courage to forgive? Courage Day inspires the entire Widener community to reflect on courage.

Widener’s Apogee Scholars, winners of the High School Leadership Awards who have chosen to attend Widener, plan Courage Day. Another 100 student volunteers help run the event.

The event is held in collaboration with Widener’s Oskin Leadership Institute, the mission of which is to encourage students to lead outside of their comfort zone, with the aim to inspire and prepare students to become strategic leaders and responsible citizens.

High School Leadership Awards

High School Leadership Event Students

The Institute, in partnership with NBC10, honors the region's future leaders through the High School Leadership Awards

The program recognizes students from more than 150 high schools in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware who demonstrate courage and leadership within their communities. Students are selected for their ability to stand up for what is right, address a wrong and make a difference in their communities or schools. 

Collegiate Leadership Competition

The Oskin Institute prepares and supports competitive student leadership teams that compete in regional leadership competitions.

Beideman Visiting Scholars

The Oskin Leadership Institute Beideman Visiting Scholars Program brings distinguished scholars from outside institutions to share their expertise at Widener by guiding faculty and student discussion and research. The Beideman Visiting Scholars program was established by Paul Beideman, current vice chair of Widener's Board of Trustees, along with his wife, Caroline, in 2011.

Heather "Lucky" Penney, 2018-2019

Heather Penney Beideman Visiting Scholar

Heather “Lucky” Penney was part of the first wave of U.S. women who went directly into fighter planes from pilot training.

Most widely recognized for her service on Sept. 11, 2001, Penney deployed that morning from Andrews Air Force Base in an F-16 fighter jet to bring down United Airlines flight 93. The nation was under attack and there was no time to load ammunition or missiles onto the jet, so her task was to use her own plane to find and bring down the hijacked commercial airliner. The plan to crash into the Boeing 757 was essentially a suicide mission. United flight 93 crashed on its own in Shanksville, Pa.


Past Beideman Visiting Scholars

Rear Admiral (ret.) Margaret "Peg" Klein, Spring 2018
Dean of Leadership and Ethics at the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island

Dr. Peggy F. Barlett, 2017-2018
Goodrich C. White Professor of Anthropology at Emory University

Leith Sharp, 2016-2017
Director of Executive Education for Sustainability with Harvard University's Center for Health and Global Environment

Cynthia Figueroa, 2015-2016
Commissioner for the Department of Human Services (DHS), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dr. Sean Hannah, 2014-15
Tylee Wilson Chair of Business Ethics and Professor of Management at Wake Forest University

Dr. Susan Komives, 2013-14
Professor emerita in the student affairs program at the University of Maryland

Dr. Mary Gentile, 2012-13
Director of Giving Voice to Values

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