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Library User and Access Services

Hours of Operation:

Library materials for use outside the building may be checked out at the circulation desk. They may also be returned to the book depositories at the circulation desk or placed in the outside drop located to the left of the front entrance.

Maintenance Main Campus

The Maintenance Office handles campus work orders and maintenance issues.

Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department is responsible for the oversight of all math courses, the mathematics major and minor, and the mathematics assessment given to entering students.
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Chair of Mathematics Department

Mechanical Engineering Department

The Mechanical Engineering Department provides an education that is postured for a dynamic and highly progressive field that touches all areas of modern technology with practical applications in industry, government, and research. Students are exposed to core curriculum that stresses fundamentals, including strength of materials, machine design, kinematics and dynamics of machinery, vibrations, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, and the design of fluid-thermal systems.
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Chair of Mechanical Engineering Department

Modern Languages Department

The study of another language through the Modern Languages Department immerses students in an academic experience that emphasizes linguistic fluency and multicultural competence, highly prized skills that open doors to a wide range of potential careers in today’s competitive global economy.
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Chair of Modern Languages Department

Multicultural Student Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) is committed to fostering and enriching campus diversity by developing and implementing educational, cultural and social programs that will assist Widener University in the recruitment, orientation, retention and graduation of multi-cultural and international students. The Office promotes cultural understanding, an accepting and inclusive climate for all students and seeks to cultivate a respect for individual differences.

Diversity & Inclusion


Chief Diversity Officer

Office of Development & Alumni Engagement

At Widener University's Office of Development and Alumni Engagement, we build meaningful relationships to advance Widener's mission of empowering its community of learners to discover and create better futures for all. Through strategic partnerships, we strengthen engagement, promote investment, and celebrate Pride in Widener. We invite all members of the Widener family—alumni, current students, parents, and friends—to connect with the University’s alumni community. Please feel free to reach out to any one of us with questions, comments, or concerns. And, of course, Go Pride!

Office of Student Engagement

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday; 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The Office of Student Engagement seeks to empower and develop students through innovative learning opportunities, programs, and services designed to prepare students to lead, serve, and achieve their educational goals and reach their potential.


The Operations Department handles maintenance and cable issues and provides a wide range of services for the campus community, including building and grounds maintenance, construction management, custodial services, utility management, mail services, and campus sustainability.


Philosophy critically explores concepts like meaning, truth, justice, and beauty that are deeply embedded in daily life and the other academic disciplines. We prepare our students to think carefully about why they believe what they believe, critically about the world and our tools for understanding it, and creatively about how to solve perennial problems.


Dr. Joseph Metz

Dr. David Ward

Dr. Thomas Wilk



Assistant Teaching Professor

PMC Museum

The PMC Museum links the legacy of the distinguished Pennsylvania Military College Corps of Cadets, the predecessor of Widener University, with the promises of present graduating classes. Inside the PMC Museum, you’ll find exhibits of sabers, uniforms, scrapbooks, newspapers, and yearbooks.

PMC Museum

Political Science Department

The Political Science Department offers students the opportunity to experience politics and government processes through political lobbying, international simulations, and campus political engagement.
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Chair of Political Science Department