Deann Lichtenstein, MSEd

  • Director of Academic Services and Systems
  • Adjunct Professor

Affiliated Programs


  • MSEd, Education Culture and Society (1992)
    University of Pennsylvania School of Education
  • ABD, Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development (1995)
    University of Pennsylvania School of Education
  • BA, Folklore, European History, and Urban Studies (1989)
    University of Pennsylvania

About Me

My academic interests have focused on how culture is created, normed and changed within groups, particularly among adults in the workplace. I look at change in the workplace through multiple disciplinary lenses including education, social work, management, neuroscience, storytelling, psychology, folklore and other disciplines that may contribute to a better understanding of how we behave in workplace organizations.

Research Interests

  • Change management in workplace organizations
  • Corporate culture and ethical leadership 
  • How adults learn in the workplace
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace