Luke D. Cooper

Luke D. Cooper, PhD

  • Assistant Professor
Media Expertise:
  • Psychology & Mental Health

Affiliated Programs


  • PhD, Experimental Psychology (2014)
    Texas A&M University--College Station (TX)
  • MS, Clinical Psychology (2010)
    Texas A&M University--College Station (TX)

About Me

My passion for teaching is fueled by my belief that the psychological sciences combine the research methodology and statistical analyses that constitute our best way of ascertaining what is true about ourselves. As such, I treat the subject matter I teach with the gravity it deserves by creating an atmosphere in which students are active agents in the learning process.

Research Interests

My research pertains to the assessment of personality and psychopathology; particularly, the assessment and structure of personality, and the concept, classification, and diagnosis of mental disorders. More recently, I have become interested in the personality characteristics of psychological health and human flourishing, and in the public's use and understanding of online personality tests.


  • Cooper, L. D., Balsis, S. & Oltmanns, T. F. (2014). A longitudinal analysis of personality disorder symptoms and personality traits in a community sample of older adults: Perspectives from selves and informants. Journal of Personality Disorders, 28, 151-165.
  • Cooper, L. D., Balsis, S., & Oltmanns, T. F. (2012). Self- and informant-reported perspectives on symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder. Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment, 3, 140-154.
  • Cooper, L. D., Balsis, S., & Zimmerman, M. (2010). Challenges associated with a polythetic diagnostic system: Criteria combinations in the personality disorders. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 119, 886-895.