Mary Anne Murtha, MSN, RN, CNEcl

  • Clinical Lecturer

Affiliated Programs


  • MSN
    University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio (TX)
  • BSN
    Millersville University (PA)
  • Nursing Diploma
    Saint Joseph Hospital School of Nursing

About Me

Essential to my philosophy of education is my personal belief that the purpose of nursing education involves not only promoting competency in learners, but also encompasses promoting the overall development of the learners. I firmly believe the learner must be an active partner in the learning process, if true learning is to occur. Students need to be involved and take responsibility for their learning. Nursing requires deep learning, the processing of difficult, complex information, and the development of critical thinking skills in order to effectively and safely care for patients. Students must become life-long learners who are capable of problem solving in order to care for patients in the complex and dynamic health care setting.  

Caring for patients is an interpersonal endeavor between patients and clinicians, and while society demands a high level of clinical expertise, society also requires caring and compassionate clinicians.  Care and compassion must be combined with clinical expertise, and it takes time and practice to grow and develop all of these attributes. As an Instructor I teach and model both my clinical expertise, as well as my care and compassion, in order to foster the same in my students. I organize learning activities, demonstrate techniques, instruct and mentor students and model behaviors, so that one day, my students can function independently as nurses. My personal belief is when my students grow, learn and are successful, then I am successful, and that is the reason why I teach. 

Research Interests

Student Academic Success, Promoting Student Clinical Reasoning

Media Expertise

  • Medical-surgical nursing
  • Promoting student academic success
  • Promoting student clinical judgment
  • Interprofessional education

Professional Affiliations & Memberships

Member of PSNA, ANA