Mary Marquis

Mary Marquis, MSN APRN CRNP

  • Lecturer

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  • MSN, Masters of Science in Nursing (2012)
    Temple University
  • BSN, Nursing (2001)
    Pennsylvania State University

About Me

My teaching philosophy can be viewed as grounded in the in theory of transformational leadership. I feel that we as educators have undertaken a critical role to lead our students to success. As we stimulate and inspire our students, it remains my goal to guide them to becoming role models in their profession. Each individual has his or her own unique approach to learning.

I believe in first providing an environment instilled with mutual respect and encouragement to foster comfortable interaction between the students and the teacher. I believe that genuine and enduring learning takes place when the lines of communication are kept open and immediate feedback is given to the student in a non-threatening and caring manner. I believe that the ultimate goal of their nursing education is to instill an abiding recognition that they can make a difference in the lives of their patients. They can be successful in achieving this aspiration through their focused learning theories that are then applied to their clinical practice.

I believe that my current experience as a nurse practitioner will be beneficial to this process and provides positive enhancement to my teaching style. I believe that students that have been exposed to an educator who can draw upon and share real-life experiences and examples to apply to their learning experience do come away with a reinforced commitment to advancing their own education.

As a practicing nurse practitioner I must remain up to date and timely on all the current evidence-based practices that can shape how they themselves will be practitioners of the profession. I also feel that an emphasis must be maintained throughout their education on ultimately preparing them to be successful with the NCLEX examination. I have worked closely with students in coaching them with critical thinking, test taking skills, and moral support.


  • Kiehne A., Chappell L., Marquis M., & Ward, F. (2012). Learned helplessness, hardiness, and risk taking factors as they relate to prescriptive authority among nurse practitioners. Pennsylvania Nurse, 66(4), 25–29.

Professional Affiliations & Memberships

American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), Sigma Theta Tau, Parish Nurse Ministry St Robert's, Blood Mobile American Red Cross