Richard J. Goeke

Richard J. Goeke, PhD

  • Associate Professor
Media Expertise:
  • Business Administration
  • Technology

Programs I Teach


  • PhD, Management Systems (2006)
    Kent State University (OH)
  • MBA, Finance (1990)
    University of Akron (OH)
  • BS, Computer Science (1985)
    Bowling Green State University (OH)

About Me

Because the topics I teach are technical in nature, it is important that students learn that they can both master these topics and apply them to business problems. For me as the teacher, this means that I must continuously keep up with technology, ensure that the material is presented in an interesting manner, and develop ample hands-on activities.

For students, this means that they will be solving problems as they would in business: by first completing the requisite reading, starting the project with a small prototype, and refining that prototype into a finished product through problem solving, analytical skills, and persistence.

Therefore, my classes tend to be a lot of work for both the students and for me. However, in the end, students feel accomplished and find that they now have many important technical skills that will give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Research Interests

I like to explore problems using the quantitative-positivist approach, because I believe that research should solve real-world problems. This philosophical preference is an outgrowth of my 17 years of experience in an industry in which we collaboratively solve problems that impact multiple stakeholders. Because Information Systems (IS), Business Process Improvement (BPI), and analytics cut across most business functions, my skills were deployed in a variety of areas, including marketing, accounting, operations, and research and development. Therefore, my research interests tend to focus on the end-user and business value issues germane to IS, BPI, and analytics and tend to be interdisciplinary.


  • Goeke, R. J., Faley, R.H., Brandyberry, A.A., and Dow, K.E. (2016) “How experience and expertise affect the use of a complex technology”.  Information Resources Management Journal, 29(2), pp. 59-80.
  • Crowne, K.A., Goeke, R.J., and Shoemaker, M. (2015) “Enhancing international assignees’ performance with online social networks”.  Journal of Global Mobility, 3(4), pp. 397-417.
  • Goeke, R.J., & Antonucci, Y.L. (2013). Differences in business process management leadership and deployment: Is there a connection to industry affiliation?. Information Resources Management Journal (IRMJ), 26 (2), 43–63. doi:10.4018/irmj.2013040103


  • Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award (2010, 2014, 2016)
  • Summer Research Grant (with Dr. Antonucci, 2010, 2014)
  • Distinguished Research Paper Award, Decision Sciences Annual Conference (2009)