Virginia M. Brabender

Virginia M. Brabender, PhD, American Board of Professional Psychology CI (ABPP)

  • Professor
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  • Psychology & Mental Health

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  • PhD, Psychology (1976)
    Fordham University (NY)

About Me

My own clinical practice has been beneficially shaped by the intersection of theory and practice. I seek to cultivate in my students the capacity to integrate both on a continual basis. Although my own orientation is psychodynamic, I have a conviction that all major theoretical orientations have their place in the theater of practice. Accordingly, I aim to nurture students' openness to different points of view. I also seek to deepen students' appreciation for the diversities among the recipients of our services. Finally, although I believe tremendous learning can take place in the classroom particularly as that classroom encourages the presentation of experiences from the field I also see the individual mentoring relationship through supervision (dissertation and clinical) and independent studies as of paramount importance in "growing" the student-clinician.

Research Interests

My research interests are in the areas of psychological assessment, group psychotherapy, professional ethics, the nontraditional family, and clinicians' personal-professional development.



  • Brabender, V. (2020).  Group psychotherapies.  In S. Messer and N. Kaslow (Eds.).  Essential psychotherapies:  Theory and practice (4th ed.).  (pp. 369-406).  New York, NY:  Guilford. 
  • Brabender, V., & Fallon, A.  (2019)  Group psychotherapy in inpatient, partial hospital and residential care
    Washington, DC:  American Psychological Association. 
  • Fallon, A., & Brabender, V.  (2018).  Awaiting the therapist’s baby:  A guide for expectant parent practitioners. (2nd ed.).   Philadelphia, PA:  Taylor and Francis (Routledge).
  • Brabender, V., & Mihura, J., Siffin, K.   (2019). The construction of gender and sex, and their implications for psychological assessment.  Taylor & Francis and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals online project.
  • Brabender, V.  (2018).  Ethics in diversity-sensitive assessment.  In S. R. Smith and R. Krishnamurthy (Eds.).  Diversity-sensitive personality assessment (pp. 333-348).  New York, NY:  Routledge.  

Professional Affiliations & Memberships

American Psychological Association (APA)

American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA)

Society for Personality Assessment (SPA)


  • Teaching Excellence Award Class of 2001, IGCP, Widener University
  • Sr. Katherine Burns Award, Immaculata University (2006)
  • Walter J. Klopfer Award for Distinguished Contribution to the Literature on Personality Assessment (1994)


  • Clinical Psychology Professor Receives Distinguished Service Award

    Virginia Brabender, professor of clinical psychology, received the Distinguished Service and Contribution to Personality Assessment Award from the Society for Personality Assessment (SPA), the largest association dedicated to the development of methods for personality assessment through research, innovation in the theory and practice of assessment, and the promotion of personality assessment practice. The esteemed award celebrates Brabender’s record of meaningful scholarship, tireless advocacy, and hands-on instruction related to personality assessment.

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