Yvonne L. Antonucci

Yvonne L. Antonucci, PhD

  • Professor
  • SAP University Alliance Coordinator
Media Expertise:
  • Business Administration

Programs I Teach


  • PhD, Information Systems (1992)
    Drexel University (PA)
  • MS, Management Science (1983)
    Lehigh University (PA)
  • BSBA, Management Science (1980)
    Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania (PA)

About Me

I have developed and taught courses in the areas of business process management, enterprise systems, and business analytics (formerly business informatics) and received several teaching awards and industry grants related to Business Process Management (BPM), process analysis, and business-to-business collaboration. In addition, I am the SAP university alliance coordinator at Widener. My interests have always been in the space between business and information technology.

As a teacher and scholar, I consistently integrate my research activities, industry interactions, and teaching content. By interacting with practicing business professionals I have been able to direct my research activities in areas that have practical implications and bring the current business practices and research endeavors to the classroom.

My efforts to establish and maintain industry alliances have been fruitful, resulting in several funded grants and benefits that (1) allow students to interact with the business community, (2) further the SBA goal of creating mutually beneficial partnerships, and (3) provide me the opportunity to interact and serve the professional community. I have published in numerous international journals, books, and conferences in the area of BPM, IT outsourcing, inter-organizational trust and collaboration, workflow management, and enterprise systems. I have also been a frequent invited speaker to various local, national, and international audiences.

Research Interests

My research interests are in the areas of Business Process Management (BPM), process analysis, business-to-business collaboration, and enterprise systems. I have published in numerous international journals, books, and conferences in the area of BPM, IT outsourcing, interorganizational trust and collaboration, workflow management, and enterprise systems and have been a frequent invited speaker to various international BPM industry events.


  • Goeke, R.J., & Antonucci, Y.L. (2013). Differences in business process management leadership and deployment: Is there a connection to industry affiliation?. Information Resources Management Journal (IRMJ), 26 (2), 43–63. doi:10.4018/irmj.2013040103
  • Antonucci, Y.L., Boykin, D., and Donahue, K. (2009). Wyeth Pharmaceuticals: In pursuit of process excellence. In Snabe, J.H., Rosenberg, A., Moller, C., and Scavillo, M. (eds.), Business Process Management-the SAP Roadmap (pp.319–340). Boston: Galileo Press Inc.
  • Wagner, W., & Antonucci, Y.L. (2009). The ImaginePA Project: The first large-scale, public sector ERP implementation. Information Systems Management, 26 (3), 275–284. doi: 10.1080/10580530903017401

Professional Affiliations & Memberships

Association of Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP)


  • International Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Technology (2010)
  • Fitz Dixon Innovation in Teaching Award (2009)
  • Lindback Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching (2003)



  • Yvonne Antonucci, a professor in the School of Business Administration, co-authored an article "Developing a Framework to Understand Student Engagement, Team Dynamics, and Learning Outcomes Using ERPsim" in the Spring 2019 issue of the Journal of Information Systems Education. This research developed and tested a model to examine the relationship between the use of ERPsim and learning outcomes, an area where little if any research previously existed. The study results indicated a positive association between student engagement, team dynamics, and learning outcomes.

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