Zohair K. Ismail, PhD

  • Assistant Professor

Programs I Teach


  • PhD, Chemical Engineering (1998)
    University of Nebraska--Lincoln (NE)

About Me

Teaching is a source of great pride for me. I like to help students become more confident of their abilities through practical projects and by teaching them in a manner that connects the theory with applications to practical chemical engineering problems. I believe that the professor should help in creating an environment that enhances the learning process for all students. The subjects should be covered in details, clearly, and at a reasonable rate where the emphasis would be on the quality of teaching and learning.

Further, I believe that a professor should develop a measurement method to measure the efficiency and the effectiveness of his or her teaching. This can be done through utilizing constructive feedback. Students should be encouraged to provide constructive feedback to the professor when necessary.

I am interested in teaching in all areas of chemical Engineering. This includes, but is not limited to, the following courses in order of preference: Thermodynamics, Process Calculations, Fluid Flow, Kinetics, Transport Phenomena (Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer), Chemical Engineering Process Design, Engineering Economics, Corrosion Engineering, Polymer Chemistry, and Mathematical Methods in Engineering.

With respect to my research, I am interested in conducting experiments in the areas of Nanotechnology (Micro-channel Fuel Reactors) Quantum Chemistry (Alcohol Aromatics Interactions), Fuel cells Technology, Catalytic Micro-channel steam reforming of hydrocarbon fuels. Also, I am interested in other research areas such as combustion Engineering and Corrosion Engineering.

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