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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion for Law Enforcement Certificate Program

Increase your knowledge and skills to address diversity, equity, and inclusion issues in the law enforcement workplace.

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Program Overview

Designed for current and future leaders in law enforcement organizations, the diversity, equity, and inclusion certificate for law enforcement officers combines specialized criminal justice and DE&I coursework for those who want to facilitate improvements in our justice system. 

This need for diversity, equity and inclusion leadership is acute in the field of law enforcement, where many officers feel under attack by citizens and the media in the last decade. Law enforcement agencies are faced with the challenge of changing the culture within their departments, or risk losing more officers to the stress of the job.

This certificate program, which may be pursued by individuals or tailored to meet the specific needs of whole departments or agencies, aims to provide the foundational knowledge and communication skills needed for today’s world. Cross-cultural understanding is an imperative for law enforcement officers as they serve the communities in which they work. Successful officers need to understand, respect, and communicate with all segments of the population. Building this knowledge and skill set enables departments to build the public trust and address negative perceptions.

NOTE: This program is also offered at the graduate level for students who have a bachelor's or master's degree. Please see our Graduate Studies academic offerings for details about the graduate-level diversity, equity, & inclusion for law enforcement certificate program.  

Program Information

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Students will benefit from increasing their knowledge in diversity, equity, and inclusion issues. In addition, students will identify strategic approaches to creating and sustaining diverse workforces supported by organizational commitment to equity and diversity.

  • Understand the historical foundations and changing environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion in today’s law enforcement workplace.
  • Understand diversity, equity, and inclusion as conceptual and theoretical frameworks in law enforcement agencies.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of change leadership theory and practice in organizations.
  • Identify best practices associated with leading vibrant learning organizations that effectively align diversity, equity, and inclusion practice with organizational strategy.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of cross-culture differences and strategies for developing cultural competency within organizations.

Complete the online certificate program in DEI for law enforcement and then easily transition to the organizational development & leadership (ODL) bachelor's degree program.

The transition is simple; students enrolled in the certificate will only have to complete a short application and will have all their discounted certificate course credits applied to the degree program.

Admissions Information

  • Online continuing studies application
  • Personal statement: Please explain why you are interested in this certificate program with particular emphasis on your area of specialization. (Applicants should limit this essay to no more than one typewritten page.)
  • All official transcripts

No application deadline (rolling admissions)


See the Adult & Continuing Studies Tuition & Fees page for the per credit tuition cost for undergraduate continuing studies certificate programs.   


Though the DEI for law enforcement certificate program does not qualify for federal financial aid if taken alone, it is offered at a discounted tuition rate. We can advise you on program and payment plan options that will meet your needs. 

We also recommend that you:

  • Explore tuition remission benefits through your employer.
  • Check out our employer partnerships for discounted tuition rates for local organizations and corporations. If you don't see your organization listed, reach out to your HR department to advocate for a partnership.   
  • Transition your discounted certificate credits to one of our associate's or bachelor's degree programs to save money on completion of your degree. You may also take these certificates as part of a bachelor’s or associate’s degree program, which are eligible for federal financial aid.  Please make an appointment with one of our Continuing Studies Academic Advisors to choose the option that works best for you! 

Program Highlights

Convenient & Flexible Program Options

The 100% online version offers you the convenience and flexibility of completing coursework when you want, where you want. Instead of having to adjust your schedule and personal responsibilities to attend in-person classroom sessions, you are free to study at any time, whether in the early hours of the morning or late at night. 

This certificate program can also be delivered on-site in a law enforcement setting or taken in-person or online as part a larger organizational cohort. 

Contact our Adult & Continuing Studies Admissions team to discuss options that meet your needs. 

Supportive Learning Environment Specific to Law Enforcement

As part of the curriculum, you'll have the opportunity to explore and discuss issues of importance to law enforcement officers and explore ways to improve your cultural competency and create a climate of inclusion. By engaging in these types of discussions in a supportive learning environment, you'll develop the necessary skills to tackle social justice issues and better connect with the diverse communities you serve.

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