Engineering Virtual Senior Projects Day

- Online
Open to:
  • Alumni
  • Community/Public
  • Current Undergraduate Students
  • Faculty/Staff

Student Project Day Presentations
(held April 2021)

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Session I: Chemical/Electrical Engineering 

8:30 a.m. -9:50 a.m.

  • Cancer Immunotherapy: Inhibition of PD1-PDL1 Interaction via Small-Molecule Induced PDL1 Dimerization - Madison Cobb, Timothy Dando, Juliette DiFlumeri, Elena Fattakhova (team leader), Zachary Romisher and Justin Wellington (all ChE)
  • Separation of Propylene by Ag(I) Doped Microporous CarbonsBrandon Bingnear (ChE), Marisa Comroe (team leader, ChE), Joel Larwa (ChE), Margaret Rescavage (ChE), Griffin Standhart (ChE) and Victor You (ChE/Chem)
  • Lysozyme Growth in a Continuous Mixed-Suspension, Mixed-Product Removal ReactorMegan Connor (team leader, ChE), Tariq Armstead (ChE), Matthew Blaum (ChE), KellyAnne Dickerson (ChE), Vincenzo Dragone (ChE), John Mason (ChE/Chem) and Stefanos Papadopoulos (ChE, Chem)
  • Radar for Indoor MonitoringRyan Cummings, Daniel Galvao, Andrew Lichtenwalner, Connor Ryan, and Patrick Schooley (team leader), (all EE)

Session II: Civil/Mechanical Engineering 

10:00 a.m. -11:40 a.m.

  • Installation Manual for Underground Refuse ContainersChase Evans, George Johannesen, Pasquale Marconi, Justin Mathew and Stephen Randazzo (team leader), (all CE)
  • Economic Slab on GradeJohn Bauer, Andrew Dunn, Eric Graff (team leader), Trevor Kebless, Jeff LoCastro and John Shaltens (all CE) 
  • Parking Design for Suburban Shopping Centers – Pedestrian Friendly OptionsAdam Fallone, Kyle Joyce, Corey Robinson (team leader) and Edwin Tucci (all CE)
  • BIM Design of a Parking GarageJason Arboite, Donald Brogan, Robert McGough, Mario Scotese, Wesley Storey (team leader) and Bradley Strickler (all CE) 
  • Wind-Powered Irrigation System: Blade ManufacturingCameron Ernst (team leader), Ryan Matsumoto, Chase McCannon and Richard Miles (all ME) 

Session III: Mechanical Engineering 


1:00 p.m. - 2:40 p.m.

  • 2021 Scaled Helicopter Rotors Test StandCornelius Erickson (team leader, ME), Trevor Glennon (ME/ EE Minor), Alden Littlefield (ME), Sarah Moore (ME) and Aaron Young (ME)
  • Line Cook Robot IIMarcus Greene, Hayden Hinkle, Ryan Sauer (team leader) and Anthony Zimba (all ME)
  • Enhancement and Characterization of Laser Welded Plastic Thin FilmsDylan Caputo (ME), Jacob Duffy (ME/EE), Carlos Gonzalez (ME), Elizabeth Rains (team leader, ME) and Andrew Rezza (ME)
  • Harvesting Energy from Playground EquipmentFelicity Levy, Matthew Meola, Guillermo Murgueytio (team leader), Daniel Thompson and Kenneth Watts (All ME)
  • Bio-Inspired Mechanical Fish with Flapping MechanismAndrew Egan, Samuel Good, Anthony Isopi, Zoe Rogers (team leader) and Johnathon Walter (all ME)

Session IV: Biomedical/Multidisciplinary Engineering


2:50 p.m. - 4:10 p.m.

  • Automated Compression Device for CPRBrian Anshen (EE), Andrew Iford (ME), Matthew Ludlow (BME), Rachel Parr (BME), Connor Ploski (team leader, ME) and Tanner Wade (ME)
  • Synthetic Model for Calcified Arterial AccessEmily Baker (BME), Kayla Chott (team leader, BME), Aidan Looby (ChE), David McNeill (ChE) and David Shaffer (BME)
  • Device to Induce Ex-Vivo Brachial Plexus Injury in Neonatal Animal ModelElese Bevelheimer, Autumn Campbell (team leader), Sean Feiss, Shawn McGinley and Genesis Zapanta (all BME)
  • Device to Assist in Reducing Leg Length Discrepancy Post Total Hip ArthroplastyElise Brubaker (BME), Ali Al Dabl (BME), Connor Pandolfo (ME) and Sydney Souders (team leader, BME)


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