High School Counselor Workshop: Adolescent Depression and Anxiety in the COVID Era

- https://widener.zoom.us/j/3521454479
Open to:
  • High School Counselors

As the ‘new normal’ in schools leads to more online/hybrid learning due to Covid-19, it seems many adolescents and children are responding with heightened anxiety and depressive symptoms. This professional development will help counselors to identify symptoms, support students, families and teachers, and offer strategies to engage PK-12 students. Guest speakers for the event include: Dr. Susan P. Schaming and Dr. John B. Hudome, LCSW. This FREE workshop earns Pennsylvania ACT48 continuing education credits.

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Dr. Susan P. Schaming, LPC

Dr. John B. Hudome, LCSW

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Dr. Jason Britton

Director of Admissions