SciNet: An Exclusive Welcome Event for Accepted Science Students

- Kirkbride Hall
Open to:
  • Accepted Undergraduate Students
Science student looking into microscope with professor

Find out why Widener may be the best choice for you.

Join us for a day of activities designed for students who plan to study anything within the science field. 

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                                      SciNet 2020 Agenda

9:30 - 10:00 

Registration and refreshments in first floor lobby of Kirkbride Hall
→Career Design and Development representatives will be available 

10:00 - 10:50

“Sit in on a Widener Science class” of your choosing (e-mail pre-registration to yxie@widener.edu is required for sit in on a class)
Financial Aid Session and Campus Tour

11:00 - 11:10

Welcome –Associate Dean of Science – First floor lobby Kirkbride Hall 

11:15 - 12:30

Tour of the Buildings

12:45 - 1:55


2:00 - 3:25 

Research in Sciences 
→Poster session by Science faculty and Students                 
→Presentation on Freshman Seminar Course Abroad                                                        
→Widener Observatory (weather permitting) 
(See descriptions below) 

3:30  Optional dorm tour (leaves from admissions office - Muller Hall)


I. Morning Activities: 10:00 – 10:50
→Sit in on a Science Class: This part of the program is optional and e-mail pre-registration is required. Everyone, students and their families, are encouraged to attend. Send an e-mail (include the title of the class which you like to attend and the number of guests) to yxie@widener.edu to pre-register for one of the following Widener Science classes: 


Course Number, Title, and Room 


BIOL 162: Biological Concepts II    


CHEM 145: General Chemistry I 


CHEM 366: Instrumental Analysis 

Computer Science 

CSCI 152: Introduction to Computer Science II

Environmental Science

ENVR 261: Geographic Information Systems 


Math-131: Calculus with Review I 


Math-132: Calculus with Review II 


Math-142: Calculus II 

Physics & Astronomy 

ASTR 100: Introduction to Astronomy 

Physics & Astronomy 

PHYS 161: Physics I Classical Mechanics 

Physics & Astronomy 

PHYS 162: Physics II Electricity and Magnetism 


II. Financial Aid Session and Campus Tour



Financial Aid Session 

10:00 – 10:25 

Campus Tour 

10:30 – 10:55 


Afternoon Activities: 2:00 – 3:25 
Research and Study Abroad in the Sciences 
Research experiences are an important component of the sciences program at Widener University. In this session current students will display their working experiences and results on a research project. You can join the undergraduate research community and work with faculty and other students on research projects all year round, including summer, while receiving summer housing on campus. During the summer research program you will have an opportunity to participate in weekly activities that include sessions with previous Widener students on finding a job, getting into graduate school, preparing your resume as well as social events. Come to learn about the exciting research opportunities available in the sciences at Widener. 

We invite you to start your career at the Sciences Division of Widener University by boarding a plan and flying to CARES 21, Widener's global hub in Costa Rica, for a week-long experience. In Costa Rica, we will focus on sustainability and global health. For more details about this unique opportunity, please attend the information session. 

Widener Observatory (weather permitting)
The observatory will host a general session for all students. You will be introduced to the telescope, detectors, and the type of research projects that are ongoing. Weather permitting; you will be able to observe the sun. 


* Program activities are subject to change 

Contact Info

Ryan Mignone

Assistant Director of Admissions