Widener Community Reading Group

- Zoom
Open to:
  • Current Adult & Continuing Studies Students
  • Current Graduate Students
  • Current Undergraduate Students
  • Faculty/Staff

The community reading group invites faculty, staff, and students to engage in discussions centered around Kathryn C. Oleson's "Promoting Inclusive Classroom Dynamics in Higher Education." 

This initiative aims to cultivate inclusivity within the academic community by exploring strategies outlined in the book. Participants will delve into themes of diversity, equity, and inclusion, fostering open dialogue to integrate these principles into teaching practices and educational environments. 

Through collaborative exploration, attendees will collectively empower themselves to create more equitable and welcoming learning spaces.

Although the discussion is informal and inclusive, the meeting is planned by Molly Wolf, Librarian, & Kate Goodrich, Associate Professor of Biology in consultation with the Multicultural Student Affairs Office

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