orientation CREW leaders welcome students to campus

New & Incoming Students: Welcome to the Pride!

Find information and resources to inform, empower, and prepare you for the start of your college career.

Students Give an Inside Look at Widener

Widener C.R.E.W. Leaders are here to support you through your transition to college. Hear what they have to say about what it's like Inside the Pride!

What is it Like Transitioning into College?

You'll find support campus-wide that will help make transitioning into college life as smooth as possible. From student C.R.E.W. Leaders and Resident Assistants to faculty mentors, career advisors, and a list of other student support and success resources, we'll have your back every step of the way.

What's the Vibe on Campus?

Fun & Engaging. Relaxed & Supportive. Safe. Home. These are the words our students use to describe Widener.

What Does We're All Widener Mean?

 Our focus on diversity emphasizes three key values: We're all valued. We're all contributors. We're all Widener.

Widener University Old Main Dome

Resources for Parents & Families

Become a partner alongside the university in supporting your student in their college journey by exploring the resources and opportunities available to your student as well as ones specifically for you.