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Help us determine which math class is right for you by taking a math assessment.

Placements & Requirements

All new students receive a provisional mathematics level after they have paid their enrollment deposit. This level is determined by Information students have submitted to Widener with their application. They are notified of their Provisional Math Placement Level by an email from Admissions. Note: you cannot login to the assessment site until after your Provisional level has been determined. You will also receive an email confirming your registration for the Mathematics Assessment.

Not everyone is required to take the math assessment. This is determined by your provisional level and your major. You will be able to view your math placement provisional level in your Admissions Portal which will help you to figure out your next steps. Anyone with a provisional level of 2 who does not wish to take Math 101 should take the Math Assessment.

You do not take the assessment if:

  • You wish to take MATH 101
  • Your placement is LEVP5 - you are exempt.
  • You are in the Nursing Program. Students in the Nursing program have this option waived. To see if you should take the assessment, visit the Admissions Portal

To see if you should take the assessment, visit the Admissions Portal.


The following is a list of minimum system requirements for access to the math assessment. It is recommended that the assessment be taken on a PC or laptop, not a tablet or smartphone.

Supported Browsers & Operating Systems (OS)

Browser OS
Google Chrome Windows, macOS, Linux, Android
Internet Explorer® 11 Windows
Safari® macOS, iOS


Möbius works best on Safari and Chrome browsers.

Möbius does not support Microsoft Edge or Firefox. 

You must begin with Practice; it may be taken as many times as needed to feel comfortable with the format. You are not required to finish all 25 questions.

Taking the Assessment

You will be emailed login information once you are notified of your provisional placement. You will not be able to complete the assessment until you have received this email.

To access the assessment, visit the Möbius login page.

User login: full email address
Password: Last Name & Student ID, no spaces (format: Last#######)

To find your Student ID, visit the Admissions Portal.

As an undergraduate admitted student, if you are required to take the assessment or you are challenging your provisional placement, you must complete the assessment before attending Pride Experience I: Summer Registration.

The Assessment closes on August 21st.

The assessment is a series of timed question sets or assignments: Each assignment must be completed within the time allowed. You cannot “Quit and Save” during the set; however, you should take a break between each set. Depending on your major, you may only be required to take some of the sections.

You cannot retake the full assessment in its entirety but can retake a section if you score less than 50% on that section. If you score less than 50% on a retake, your assessment will be finished at the current section and you will not need to continue to the next section. If you score more than 50% on a section, you should proceed directly to the next section.

Widener's Student Accessibility Services is here to assist with testing accommodation requirements. Please contact 610-499-1266 or for more information.

Scoring & Placement

Your mathematics level is determined by how many questions sets you complete successfully.

  • Level 2: score less than 50% on Algebra or Algebra Retake
  • Level 3: score more than 50% on Algebra section and less than 50% on Precalculus or Precalculus Retake
  • Level 4: score more than 50% on the Precalculus section and less than 50% on Calculus Concepts and Calculus Concepts Retake
  • Level 5: score more than 50% on Calculus Concepts or Calculus Concepts Retake

The list below indicates the prerequisite level for the courses listed. The mathematics courses you are required to take will vary depending on your major. Please check with your advisor.

Level 2 | MATH 101 Fundamental Mathematics

Level 3 | MATH 111 Mathematical Ideas I

Level 3 | MATH 112 Mathematical Ideas II

Level 3 | MATH 114 Basic Probability

Level 3 | MATH 116 Nature of Mathematics

Level 3 | MATH 117 Elementary Functions

Level 3 | MATH 120 Precalculus

Level 3 | MATH 151 Elementary Discrete Mathematics I

Level 4 | MATH 118 Elementary Calculus I

Level 4 | MATH 131 Calculus with Review I

Level 5 | MATH 141 Calculus I

The final level achieved will replace any provisional placement, unless it is lower than your provisional level. In this case, we may recommend that you consider a prerequisite Mathematics course.

Technical Issues

  • Did you pay your enrollment deposit recently? Students are registered for the math assessment approximately three days after Widener receives their deposit. If you recently paid, wait a few days and try again
  • Did you receive a message that your Widener email address was not found in the system? Please contact the math department to ensure you are registered for the assessment
  • Make sure you are using your full email address.
  • If you aren't sure of your password, click on "Forgot your password" and enter your full Widener email address

Contact Michaela Tauscher at and explain the problem.

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