President's Message

President’s Message: Fall 2019

Julie E. Wollman
Wollman student move-in
President Julie E. Wollman greeted members of the Class of 2023 and their families as they arrived at this year's Move-in Day ready to embark on their academic careers.

It is wonderful to welcome everyone back for a new academic year. For faculty and staff, it is a time when we all reaffirm our commitment to the professional and personal success of every student. Fall is also special for our students as many of them begin to experience that commitment firsthand. For freshmen, this is the first week on their road toward graduation. For returning undergraduates and our graduate students, it is a new stretch along that transformative road. For all students, this journey puts them on an inside track to success. 

During their time with us, Widener students will not only develop technical skills, they will acquire an appreciation of the social and ethical impacts of their work. 

Our students will develop a curiosity to seek answers and meet challenges. 

Our students will develop a drive and compassion that propels them to make a difference in their careers and in the world.

Our students will develop interpersonal skills that make them leaders and team contributors, who are able to communicate about their work in a compelling way.

Our students will develop an understanding and appreciation for inter-disciplinary and inter-professional connections that will make them better professionals.

All of these valuable lessons are imparted by a world-class faculty that brings our powerhouse programs to life, and a staff that is at the heart of our culture of caring. Students come first, for all of them.

Our professors serve as mentors and bring additional opportunities to students with research projects and career connections that lead to internships and co-ops. Widener faculty members are dedicated to preparing the next generation of professionals, while their work is also impacting the future of the professions our students will go on to lead. Widener staff support our students as professionals and also make them feel at home, in a community that’s like a second family. 

Widener is committed to providing new programs and enhancing current offerings, including groundbreaking interdisciplinary experiences, because they attract top students. Our new Occupational Therapy program, which will be housed along with the Physical Therapy program in the newly renovated Melrose Building this fall, is a good example of how we are innovating and collaborating to prepare Widener students for jobs of the future. 

Our dedication to excellence is reflected in successful student outcomes. Widener graduates are experiencing impressive career success, and our most recent statistics show 95 percent of graduates achieved their intended career outcomes within six months of graduation. The Widener path is transformative, indeed.

Welcome to the start of something big. 

With Pride,


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