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Faculty Mentorship

At the heart of the Widener experience are the talented and caring professors who make their students' education and personal well-being their first priority.

Student Perspectives

From when I first learned about Widener, not only did I love the academics, but I loved the plethora of opportunities for extracurricular activities.
Gabrielle Rainey
Class of 2018 and 2022
Graduate | Criminal Justice
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Gabrielle Rainey

Student Perspectives

Having the opportunities that my mentor Dr. Robin Goldberg-Glen gave me—to speak at two symposiums as well as a conference with a full crowded room—helps me with networking and connections and puts me out of my comfort zone.
Jessica Mereshensky
Class of 2024
Undergraduate | Social Work
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Jess Mereshensky poses in a green dress in front of conference banners

Student Perspectives

The professors in SBA were phenomenal, and the staff in the athletic center were also amazing. The culture that was being built made my experience so special and made me feel included and welcomed although I came in two years late to the program.
Tiernan Johnson
Class of 2023
Undergraduate | Sport and Event Management
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Tiernan poses holding a Philadelphia Eagles jersey that reads "gameday staff"

Student Perspectives

Before my summer research experience exploring hypersonic vehicles for space missions, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. My research project opened me up to aerospace engineering.
Vinny Csercsevits
Class of 2025
Undergraduate | Mechanical Engineering
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Vinny Csercsevits

Student Perspectives

“[Widener’s] hospitality fits my personality. I was able to get to know my professors and they got to know me. Especially when I went back for my bachelor’s, I said, ‘I have kids at home and I’m married; as a non-traditional student I need support’.”
Aliya Covington
Class of 1999, 2007, and 2022
Adult & Continuing Studies | Doctor of Education
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Aliya Covington

Student Perspectives

“I didn’t have a clue about the people behind the games and on TV. Widener opened my eyes to the professional positions out there and helped me see that it was achievable."
Andrew Proctor
Class of 2019
Undergraduate | Bachelors in Communication Studies
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Alumnus Andrew Proctor stands on the field at the Washington Commanders football stadium

More Than Just Professors

The women and men of the Widener faculty bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "Above and Beyond."

Student with Faculty in Biology Lab

Close and Personal

At its best, learning is a two-way exchange, an ongoing conversation. Our professors provide constant, continual feedback that helps you improve your writing, thinking, research, and clinical skills. They teach and then they mentor. This investment takes considerable time and energy. Our professors think it's worth it.

Career Building

Deeply Connected

Our size is just right for developing relationships. Big enough to find mentors who share your interests and understand your goals. Small enough for you to find your way into a professor's lab for research collaboration. Relationships matter moving forward. Your Widener professors will be resources for life. 

Bachelor's Degree in Nursing BSN students in a clinical setting

Guides to Your Future

Influential figures in their disciplines, our professors have a network of connections directly related to your future path. They link you with relevant internships, co-ops, and research opportunities. They put you in touch with Widener alumni in your field, people who are able (and eager) to help you get started.