Student Studying by Cherry Blossoms

Location Matters

Here you are perfectly situated—a valued member of a warm and supportive campus community on the doorstep of a bustling wider world. 

Explore the Widener Community

Your Widener experience will unfold at the intersection of several communities, each of which presents distinct opportunities for learning, experience, and enjoying your life.

Our Campus

Main Campus is energized by clubs, teams, ensembles, and initiatives fueled by student interests and talents. Campus is walkable and welcoming, with comfortable and bright facilities for living and dining. Here, you'll feel at home, well-supported, and free to pursue your full range of interests.

Our Neighborhood

Close and long-term ties with our surrounding community of Chester mean countless opportunities for civic engagement with local organizations. Widener-run physical therapy and nursing clinics provide hands-on clinical experience. Future educators prepare for the classroom by teaching in one of the nation’s only university-run charter schools.

Near Philadelphia

A 10-minute train ride from campus, the nation’s fifth-largest city offers endless opportunities—from research collaborations to projects with nonprofit organizations to internships with Fortune 500 companies and global NGOs.

Widener is also a proud partner of the Campus Philly program that provides you with exclusive access (and some great student discounts) to the city’s cultural riches and resources.

Our Local Suburbs

Our students head to the nearby suburb of Media for its parks, festivals, concerts, and shopping. You might also have a co-op placement or internship at one of Media’s many businesses or nonprofit organizations. The Media motto is "Everybody’s Hometown." Because it’s diverse and welcoming. And it’s just down the road.