Students at Pride Statue Hero

Our Campus

Welcome to our beautiful campus, your new home!

School of Business finance lab. Finance major Deshawn attends Widener University which is one of the top schools for business. The school of business offers many other undergraduate business majors.

Cutting. Edge.

We're home to state-of-the-art academic facilities, including our nursing simulation, robotics engineering, and finance labs, plus a fully-equipped television studio. These spaces provide you with the type of hands-on experiences you need to succeed.

Pride Recreation Center

Pride. Living.

Our modern residence halls and dining facilities fit any and all needs. Our University Center is the social hub of campus, and our top-notch recreational and athletic facilities are the perfect place to get your game on.

Observatory at night

Innovative. Spaces.

And that's not all. We have an observatory for stargazing, an arboretum for exploring, a museum dedicated to our military roots, and numerous clinics and centers that serve the community’s needs and provide you invaluable practical field experience.