Campus Facilities



1300 Potter

1300 Potter is a housing option for upperclassmen, part of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority.

1300 Potter Brick Front

Alumni Auditorium

Our largest lecture hall and programming space on campus, Alumni Auditorium is home to our bingo nights, semesterly dance recitals, and large scale programming on campus!

alumni auditorium seating Widener University
  • Corner of Memorial Field, next to Founders Hall

Athletics Weight Room (lower level)

In the lower level of the Schwartz Center, this weight room has free weights and machines for athletes to use for exercising.

Pride Rec Weight Room with student lifting dumbbells
  • Schwartz Athletics Center

Basketball Court

The basketball court is located in front of the Student Wellness Center. Students can rent basketballs during their free time or go  to watch the games.

Basketball Court with Pride sign
  • Pride Recreation Center

Bento Sushi

Bento Sushi has a full made-to-order Japanese cuisine that includes sushi, rice bowls, udon noodle soup, and bento boxes. Also grab-and-go available for a quick meal.

Bento Sushi storefront with menu and counter
CampusDish Website
  • University Center

Biofeedback and Certification Center

The Biofeedback Clinic and Certification Center (BCCC) is a community clinic that provides psychophysiological interventions for such stress-related problems as anxiety, teeth grinding, insomnia, headaches, and test anxiety.

Biofeedback Center

Biomedical Engineering Labs

The Biomedical Engineering Department has laboratories that allow students to get hands-on experience with biomedical imaging, biomaterials, and cell and tissue engineering. Students can conduct research and experiments that they can use for senior projects.

Widener's school of engineering's biomedical lab

Boettner Hall

Boettner Hall is currently a first-year Residence Hall and home to 60 students. The building includes laundry facilities and lounges and is conveniently located on campus.

Boettner Hall brick front of building

Cardio Floor / Strength Floor - Pride Recreation Center

Lace up your sneakers and enjoy over 100 pieces of equipment to help keep both your body and mind healthy and strong! No experience is necessary and all Widener students, staff and faculty are welcome! Student staff members are available at all times to help with any questions you may have.

Cardio Floor with treadmills and students
  • Pride Recreation Center

Chemical and Materials Engineering Labs

The Chemical and Materials Engineering Department has laboratories that provide students with hands-on and interdisciplinary experience. Students can conduct research and perform experiments using state-of-the-art equipment such as a surface area/porosity analyzer. Students can use their research for their senior projects.

chemical engineering unit operations lab at Widener University

Chester Community Clinic

Chester Community Clinic provides compassionate and cost-effective physical and occupational therapy services to uninsured and underinsured community members, while also providing invaluable clinical experience to our future healthcare professionals.

Chester Community Clinic with students and patient

Child Development Center

The Widener Child Development Center is one of the hallmarks of our community outreach effort to create a learning environment that connects our curriculum with societal issues through civic engagement.

Student with child at CDC
Child Development Center
  • Walnut Street

Child Therapy Clinic

Widener’s Child Therapy Clinic is a community-based training clinic that specializes in the treatment of mental health in children, adolescents, and families specializing in the implementation of evidence-based services to members of the local community. 

Child Therapy Clinic
Child Therapy Clinic
  • Walnut Street

Civil Engineering Labs

The Civil Engineering Department laboratories are used for students to gain an understanding of structural materials and environmental engineering and surveying. Students can conduct research with state-of-the-art equipment that will help prepare them for the workforce.

civil engineering water treatment lab

Clinical Anatomy Lab

Students studying within the health sciences field will have access to a state-of-the-art clinical anatomy lab. Students will work in an environment where multiple disciplines will learn together and then break off to focus on their specific areas.  

clinical anatomy lab 480x300
Clinical Anatomy Lab
  •  Academic Center North

Counseling Center (CAPS)

The Counseling Center’s goal is to help students achieve greater self-awareness and understanding, improve relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and significant others, and attain independence and self-reliance.

Digital TV Studio and Control Room

This interactive creative space is located in Freedom Hall. The Digital TV Studio gives students hands-on experience with camera and videography equipment, as well as prepares them for careers in front of and behind the camera.

tv studio
  • Freedom Hall

Dixon Halls

Dixon Hall North and Dixon Hall South are located on Walnut Street across from Wolfgram Memorial Library and a short walk from the Kapelski and Kirkbride academic buildings.

Dixon Halls brick front of building with trees

Edith R. Dixon Field

Home to our field hockey and women's lacrosse squads. Equipped with artificial turf, lights, and a new scoreboard, the field is easily accessible for fans and students.

Widener Women's Field Hockey play game on Dixon Field