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A robotics lab with a variety of robotic engineering equipment

Alan J. Criswell Robotics Engineering Lab: KH 238

A robotics lab created with generous support from Alan J. Criswell, a Widener alumnus and founding president & CEO of ACI Technologies Inc. The lab includes a variety of equipment to support teaching and research activities.

Research robotics lab with chair and desks at Widener University

Medical Imaging and Brain Computer Interface Lab: KH 221

A research lab directed by Dr. Xiaomu Song to develop funded research projects in human-robot interfacing using medical imaging techniques.

Robotics teaching lab at Widener University

Robotics Engineering Teaching Lab: KH 244

A robotics lab equipped with multiple robotic arms and mobile robots for teaching and outreach activities. 

Artemis lab robotics 300x200


Widener’s ARTEMIS Lab stands for Laboratory of AI & Robotics Technology for Biomedical Engineering, Machine Intelligence, and Simulation led by Dr. Daniel Roozbahani, is an interdisciplinary research facility situated within the School of Engineering.

This laboratory serves as a hub for pioneering students and faculty members engaged in state-of-the-art research across several domains, including Advanced Custom-made Robotics, Self-Improving Artificial Intelligence (AI) with reasoning capabilities, Applications of AI, Motion Capture and Machine Vision in Biomedical Engineering and Disease Forecasting, Peer-to-peer Autonomous Collaborative Robot-based Manufacturing, Intelligent Robotic Swarms, Autonomous Navigation in Unmapped Environments, Human-Machine Integration and Cybernetics, Generic Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Intelligent Big Data Mining and Real-time Data Analyzing and Usage, Factory Digital Twins, and Exploration of the Latest Developments in the field of Metal 3D Printing.

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