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Academic & Career Support

We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of resources to assist you in achieving your academic goals and discovering your ideal career path.

Navigating Your Path to Academic & Career Success

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Your Personal Student Success Team

Before even stepping foot on campus, you'll make immediate connections with a wide-range of support including a:

  • Faculty mentor to guide your academic success
  • Peer mentor in your major to help you get acclimated academically and socially 
  • Student affairs liaison to connect you with contacts and resources across campus
  • Librarian to assist with academic research
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PRIDE Mentoring Program for New First-Year & Transfer Students

The PRIDE Mentoring Program offers continual support, mentorship, and guidance to first-year students through individual and group workshops, as well as a range of academic, social, cultural, and professional development activities. The program is tailored to support the unique needs and ambitions of each student and can assist with:

  • Enhancing their academic performance
  • Building connections with others across the university
  • Successfully adapting to college life
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the academic culture
  • Cultivating meaningful relationships with peers, faculty, and administrators
  • Developing valuable leadership skills

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Academic Support Services

Our team of caring professionals provides academic coaching, tutoring, and support to keep you on track. We monitor your progress and use early assessment and retention alert programs to identify struggling students and offer timely assistance.

In your academic program, you will be matched with a compassionate and committed professor who will act as your personal advisor and mentor. Your advisor will: 

  • Offer guidance on which classes to take, and the kinds of internships, extracurricular opportunities, and other hands-on experiences to pursue to best position you for career success.
  • Help you find an internship or job thanks to their many industry and field connections.
  • Help walk you through a change in major if you're looking for a new direction.

Academic coaching is provided through one-on-one sessions or group meetings with a trained academic coach who will assist you in a variety of areas, including:

  • Study skills to enhance learning and memory of academic information
  • Organization and time management
  • Test taking and test anxiety
  • Academic planning and preparation for pre-registration of courses
  • Textbook reading
  • Note-taking

Tutoring is available for most introductory and upper level courses to help you navigate concepts and classes. Our trained staff of students is available for one-on-one sessions.

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Not sure what you want to study? Our Exploratory Studies program will pair you with an advisor who will help you figure that out.

And if you find that the path you chose is not the right one, we can help you find a new direction. Changing majors is not only possible, it's perfectly normal.

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The Office of Student Accessibility Services provides services to students with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and psychological disabilities. The office serves as a campus advocate to ensure that all have equal access to academic programs and other aspects of campus life.

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At our Writing Center, highly-trained English and communications instructors will help you tackle all kinds of writing assignments. They will help guide you through everything from brainstorming and researching a topic, to organizing, outlining, drafting, and revising the paper.

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Our Math Center provides individual tutoring in mathematics for all students. Experienced professional and undergraduate tutors provide help with all courses with mathematics content. It all adds up to helping you succeed! No appointment is necessary. 

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Career Support Services

Whether an undergrad, grad, or non-traditional student, we'll help find the right career path. Develop the skills you need from day one to achieve your goals and reach professional success. Our student-centered approach guides you on your journey, whether you have a clear path or not.

At Widener University, we prioritize your career development by providing personalized guidance through our Office of Career Design and Development. Through this office, you will have the opportunity to work closely with your assigned career counselors in a one-on-one setting. These dedicated professionals are committed to helping you identify your passions and align them with your professional and personal aspirations.

This unique relationship with your career counselor is of utmost importance, as they will not only know you by name but also by your dreams. They will invest the time and effort to understand your individual goals, interests, and aspirations, ensuring that the guidance they provide is tailored specifically to you.

By fostering this meaningful connection, we aim to empower you on your career journey and support you in translating your passions into tangible opportunities. Your career counselor will be your trusted ally, offering valuable insights, resources, and strategies to help you navigate the path to success.

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At Widener, we offer invaluable hands-on career experiences through internships, externships, clinicals, our acclaimed co-op program, and other opportunities, distinguishing you in your career. Located near Philadelphia, you have easy access to world-class companies and organizations, amplifying networking and collaboration prospects. These experiences and our strategic location accelerate your career and position you as a competitive professional in the dynamic job market.

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Handshake stands as Widener's foremost recruiting and career management platform, catering to both students and alumni. This premier platform enables students to effortlessly connect with employers, submit applications for various job positions and internships, and conveniently register for career-related events.

Employers, on the other hand, benefit from Handshake's capabilities to identify highly qualified candidates and efficiently manage their on-campus recruiting activities at Widener. With Handshake's comprehensive features, both students and employers can streamline their recruitment and career management processes, fostering successful connections and opportunities within the Widener community.

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As a student joining WidenerCONNECT, you'll have exciting opportunities to:

  • Broaden and personalize your Widener network according to your individual interests and professional goals.
  • Connect with Widener alumni residing in various locations worldwide, spanning from your hometown to destinations abroad.
  • Discover experienced alumni mentors who can provide valuable guidance and support you along the Inside Track, starting right away.
  • Cultivate long-lasting relationships that extend beyond your time at Widener and consider paying it forward by becoming an alumni mentor yourself upon graduation.

WidenerCONNECT opens doors to expand your network, forge meaningful connections, and nurture relationships that can shape your personal and professional journey. Embrace these invaluable opportunities and make a lasting impact within the Widener community.

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