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High School Programs

Calling all high school students: explore your academic passions, get a taste for Widener's powerhouse programs, and set yourself apart when preparing your college application.   

Opportunities to Get Ahead

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Workshops & Camps

Explore your interests, engage in hands-on learning experiences, and get a feel for what Widener is all about.  

Upcoming Events for High School Students

Pride Perspectives

Explore stories of Widener students on the inside track.

carly histing business management sba 800x600

Widener connected me with engaging and kind people. The SBA faculty as a whole were caring and invested in my success and growth. The class projects were actionable, giving me invaluable project management experience before graduation.

Carly Histing

matthew stranix sba 800x600

The technical and industry knowledge I gained during my time at Widener gave me a clear leg-up on my competition early in my career. The connections I made through Widener have opened doors I never thought possible.

Matthew Stranix

evan davis study abroad 800x600

I was walking down the streets of Chongqing, China when I suddenly realized just how far away from home I was. My Study Abroad opportunities (also London and Paris) were transformative experiences which I will always remember and cherish!

Evan Davis

Evan Davis sba student stories 800x600

Four years, four majors, 4.0s, and less than four months after graduating, I was already excited to be back on campus as an alumni guest speaker to share my insights with current students. Where else but Widener?

Evan Davis

Martha Machowski student stories bsn

Today I'm a doctorally-prepared nurse practitioner working in trauma surgery. I wouldn't be here without the outstanding education and unique opportunities I received at Widener. My professors provided an excellent foundation and continue to inspire me.

Martha Machowski

Stephen DiDonato stands in front of the court house in Delaware County.

“I didn’t really know what to expect when it came to the Inside Track, but now that I’m feeling it and I’m able to quantify it, I can see how my future career will be connected and what to look for.”

Stephen DiDonato

Stephen's Story