Student Selfie at Pride Statue

Your Second Home Awaits

Student Experience

You’ll know it when you feel it. The sense of belonging. The thrill of shared purpose. The excitement of life in a community where your fellow students care as much as you do—about learning, about connecting with others, about exploring their interests and their world.

Come Join the Pride 

A walk across this campus is like hanging out with friends. You’ll see classmates who are also teammates, professors who are also mentors, lab partners who have the same three lions on their shirts—people with the widest range of interests and talents you'll have ever encountered.

Known and supported at every step, you will find a second home in this dynamic community, enjoying life today while preparing for the future.

The thrill of exchange is the engine that drives us. Pride is the glue that holds us together.

Activities & Events

Explore Life on Campus

Everything starts with our people. (A finer bunch you'll never meet.) We make our home on a beautiful campus a stone's throw from the nation's greatest city (we are in no way biased). Here you'll live well (and eat even better) in the finest of company. 

Sports & Rec

Ways to Engage

Our students are multi-talented (and multi-interested), bringing energy and purpose to a wide range of clubs and ensembles. They play hard (and cheer even harder) for our many varsity and club teams (Go Pride!). When curiosity calls, they deepen their education with exploration of communities around the world.

faculty mentor with student

Support Every Step of the Way

Here, you'll be supported in all aspects of college life. From faculty and career mentorship to private, personalized counseling and wellness, and more—we ensure the right resources are not only available, they're easy and comfortable to access.

There's no shame in needing help sometimes (we all do). Our faculty and staff are here to guide you on your path and applaud your progress

Live the (Very) Good Life

Where opportunity meets community meets a mountain of Pride.

80+ Student Clubs

With 80+ clubs, you'll find ways to get involved, make invaluable connections, and pursue your interests.     

widener soccer player

24 Varsity Sports Teams 

From soccer and volleyball to rugby and track, there are plenty of varsity sports to enjoy at Widener.

Girls powderpuff football

15+ Intramural Sports

Grab some friends and start your own intramural sports team.

students celebrate diversity

300+ Events On Campus Annually

There's always something happening on campus. 

international students in philadelphia

A Diverse Campus

You'll be welcomed into a community that hails from 49 states and 22 countries.

students walking around quads

87% Live on Campus Their First Year

Before long, our campus will feel like your second home.

Hanna Residence Hall

17 Standard Residence Halls

Plus apartment-style and themed housing giving you tons of living options