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A multi-purpose machining facility containing a variety of engineering machines

Machine Shop: KH 140

The School of Engineering Machine Shop is a multi-purpose machining facility with equipment and tools to support undergraduate laboratories and to meet the design needs of senior design projects from all School of Engineering departments.

Mechanical engineering research lab at Widener University

ME Research Lab: KH 133

The Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory is dedicated to multidisciplinary research and houses three 3D printers, an atomic force microscope, and a virtual reality computing environment for flow visualization.

Solid mechanics lab for mechanical engineering students at Widener University

Solid Mechanics Lab: KH 138

The Solid Mechanics Laboratory is a research and instructional facility focused on experiments on the fundamental principles of solid mechanics, materials and dynamics. It is equipped with a computerized data acquisition system for recording and data analysis. It serves as the main laboratory for - Fundamental of Engineering Material and Design and Mechanical Measurements. It also provides support for material and solid mechanics related senior design projects.

Fluid mechanics lab at Widener University

Fluid Mechanics Lab: KH 137 

The Thermal-Fluids Laboratory is a research and instructional facility focused on conducting experiments and report writing skills in the areas of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer. It serves as the main laboratory for course ME 304 - Mechanical Measurements II as well as providing support for thermal-fluids related senior design projects.

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