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Charles L. Bartholomew Laboratory: 783 E 17th St

charles Bartholomew lab

The Charles L. Bartholomew Laboratory supports classes and student projects requiring testing of concrete, steel, timber and other structural materials. Some of the Equipment includes: Tinius Olsen 30,000 lb. capacity Model ST150 Universal Testing Machine with Servo Drive and Test Navigator data acquisition software and auxiliaries; 50,000 lb. custom-built straining frame and auxiliaries; Equipment for concrete shrinkage and air entrainment testing. 


Soil Mechanics Laboratory: KH 139

Soil Mechanics Lab

The Soil Mechanics Laboratory supports geotechnical classes and student projects with: Gilson Sieve Sets; Gilson Sieve Analysis Shakers; Gilson Casagrande Liquid Limit Devices;  Soiltest Falling Cone Penetrometer; Geocomp Fully Automated Cyclic Triaxial, Resilient Modulus and Permeability Test. 


Water Treatment Lab: KH 140

Water Treatment Lab

The Water Treatment Laboratory supports classes and student projects for water treatment, water quality and wastewater treatment with: Custom-built Water Treatment system, Chemical feed pumps , Sedimentation tank, Sand filter column, Continuous reading turbidity meter; Particle counter and Custom-built plug flow reactors and sedimentation columns.

Surveying Lab, Engineering: KH 139 A

The Surveying Laboratory supports the surveying class and student projects requiring surveys with: Topcon HIPER-VR GPS with ruggedized field controller (FC5000); Topcon GM-50 Total Station Instruments with ruggedized field controller (FC500); Nikon DTM 332 Total Station Instrument; Nikon DTM 332 Total Station Instruments; Nikon AC-2S Automatic Level; Nikon AE-5 Automatic Levels; Nikon NT-2D theodolites. 

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